Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wednesday Ways..

I'm working on another baseball story, promise! (baseball as the story of life)... but today I'm doing a 5+ mile walk to get my legs ready for Bay To Breakers!

So while I'm strutting my stuff on the streets of this Dynomite town (dog in tow)... take a second to check out Kris Robinson's Blog, A Mom on a Mission.

I met Kris last March at Grace Davis's Woolfcamp. Kris was a recipient of the Travelling Skinny Pants. And she shows them off well!!

I am awed that Kris can plan dinners for her family for an entire week and publish it for us all to read. Even weeks when nobody is going to be home to eat a sit-down, home-cooked meal. Darn those teenaged baseball playing sons!!

Shoes are tied, legs are stretched, Jake is begging to go...

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