Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Am Not A Geek, But I'm A Girl...

I am not a Geek. I'm a writer and blogger; a crafter and artist. However, I live online as much as off, spending time playing with the newer social networks and reading about some of the more "techie" things to come along.

Call me a Geek-Wannabe.

With that in mind, when Kaliya Hamlin was talking at BlogHer's Unconference about the upcoming She's Geeky conference in the bay area, I listened. I asked if it was really a good fit for someone who isn't that geeky, but is a woman.

She affirmed that this would be a great way to network, a great way to talk about blogging, and a great way to get my "geeky" feet wet. I signed up. Later Kaliya asked me to help out with some of the organizational work; I grew from an attendee to part of the organizational team.

Wow.. talk about getting your feet wet!

It's OK. I'm going to be working on getting child care (if we need it), and coordinating room sharing at the hotels and ride shares around the bay and maybe to and from the airports. So just call me Ms. Hospitality!! Geekiness not required.

So, blogger babes, you're wondering what She's Geeky is all about.

She's Geeky
A Women's Tech (un)conference
October 22-23 in Mountain View, CA.

This event is designed to bring together women from a range of technology-focused disciplines who self identify as geeky. Our goal is to support skill exchange and learning between women working in diverse fields and to create a space for networking and talking about issues faced by women in technology.

Please pass on information about this (un)conference to any women who would enjoy attending and contributing to this event. If you are planning on attending, I'll see you there!! And now is a great time to register before prices go up at the end of September. There is a two step process 1)registering on the wiki & 2)paying via paypal.

I also blog at: Deb's Daily Distractions and BlogHer on Mondays and Saturdays.

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