Friday, June 10, 2005

A fun little piece.

While Steve was in Chicago, I mentioned making this piece one evening. I didn't know what it "was" while I worked on it, but I've since decided it reminds me of a page from a scapbook. All handpainted fabrics, background pieced, items are fused, and I'm about 1/2 way done machine quilting it.

My camera is winging it's way to Japan today. But never fear, I took several pictures in the one day I had it and will sprinkle them through out the next week.

ToDo for Friday:

Set up a temp sewing station in the TV room, and work on my charity sewing today. (I try to spend one day a month doing charity sewing.)

Walk dogs. update. We did 5 miles at Pt. Pinole (a fabulous park) today. If you go to my webshot page (in the links to the right), you can see pictures of a younger Katy and my lost dog Woody during a walk there.

Strength exercises.

Whispers....They have begun building our shade structure. The city requires me to jump through such hoops that I decided to not go that route. We wouldn't have been able to BEGIN the work until about October..


Deb R said...

1) I really like the scrapbook-y piece. It has a nice flow to it.

2) I think Steve needs his own camera.

Gerrie said...

I sort of agree with debr - you need your own camera! That is a nice little piece you are working on.

jpsam said...

Oooh, I really like this piece.

ginger said...

i just really like this piece and am confused as to why you think it looks like a scrap book page?? I wasn't going to ask but find myself coming back to look at it some is quite wonderful..Ginger

Becky said...

I love this! Strikes me as very whimsical.