Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Is Not For Me...

Halloween has become a huge holiday in the US, maybe because it's a guilt-free day of fun. This year over $5 Billion will be spent on the day.

I am not participating. I do not "do" Halloween.

Let me explain.

My first memory of the holiday was when I was four. My mother got a McCall's pattern and we each got to be an animal for Halloween. I was pink bunny, complete with tall ears; one brother was a lion the other a leopard. That leopard costume lasted until my youngest brother wore it. Alas, my bunny costume only made it the one year.

I was hopping down the street, tripped on the sidewalk, banged up knees and hands, lost most of my candy and tore the costume. After limping for another house or two, I went home early.

And that was the good trick-or-treating experience.

At five, I was home with pneumonia. Returned to my kindergarden desk (we went to all-day kindergarden at Incarnate Word...) to find a stale, week-old cupcake and some candy corn. My older brother took around a separate bag for me and I got a slightly larger haul than the boys.

At six? I had something a bit worse than pneumonia. Don't remember what it was, but I had to take pills so large that I earned a nickel each time I swallowed one. My older brother took around a separate bag for me again; I got double the take of the boys who went out. I returned to my first grade desk and a stale cupcake, some candy corn and a strange cup of punch.

Ok, why would my nun leave a cup of punch inside my desk?

At seven? The entire family was sick. My mother bought apple cider and powdered sugar donuts which we ate by candlelight instead of going out that year. I really liked part!! Too bad you can't get unpasturized apple cider anymore. Anyway, the neighbors realized that none of would be trick-or-treating and that I was missing my third year. They brought all their extra candy over at the end of the night, and two went to the store to buy me a special toy (dolls that I named after the neighbors: Betsy and Jeanne).

I returned to school the next week to a stale cupcake and some candy corn.

By eight, I was over any possible excitement at the holiday. I went through the motions for a couple years, but stopped at 6th grade. And I have let the holiday go almost un-noticed since then.

So enjoy the day... those who participate. If you must, leave me a cupcake and some candy corn. I'm sure I'll find it in a week or so.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Weekend Gardening Chores

Spring forward.. toward rebirth; Fall back toward death and renewal.

We turned our clocks back last night, taking another step toward the season of darkness, death and renewal. I hate Standard time.

However, Saturday was a perfect autumn day in the Bay area. Sunny and dry with a off-shore breeze (yes that means fire danger). Temperatures in the upper 70s. I spent some time trying to force myself to do fall gardening, but for me that usually requires 60 degrees, brisk air and a crispness to the step. Not shorts and sandals.

Still the rains will come soon enough and then it will be difficult to get much work done. So I do a little at a time.

Another foundation bed is going to be replanted. It came planted with the house, with mounds of silver fescue and nandia among the camillias and azaleas. The camillias died a few years ago when something ate the roots. A large fern has replaced them.

This past week I dug up the nandina and the fescue (throwing it all down our natural "compost heap": the hilly land on the back of our property. It will rot and build the soil over the winter. I will plant another azalea to compliment the others in the bed.

In front of that? I'm considering. I love daylillies and Asiatic lillies and may plant several of these to add some summer interest. OR... some different fairly low-growing plant. We'll see what they have to offer at Adachi's.

Back in the veggie garden the tomatoes are still going. Each plant has a number of green/white/reddish fruits. However, more are being pitched as bad every time I go out to pick them. They are bruising, rotting and sunburned. So I've decided to start removing the plants once a week. That gives me options for the next month as to do with my tomatoes.

I planted a number of varieties this year: my old standby Celebrity, an improved Early Girl, a Better Boy and a San Francisco Fog. The latter is bred to produce fruit with the cool nights we have here. And I must admit: it has been hands-down the most productive of the plants I've grown this year. Next year, I may only plant 2-3 plants and make them all SF fog.

My fall cabbage plants are coming along nicely, but the early batch of beets didn't germinate. I may start the next batch of beet seed inside, then plant them out before a forecasted rain.

So how's your fall gardening (clean up, soil prep, fall planting) going?

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Trying to Remember

I'm considering getting a better digital camera. Well, the one I have isn't that small.. not one of those little "pocket" ones.. nor the largest. And the lens will occasionally be reluctant to move in or out of the housing. So I'm thinking about getting a better digital camera.

Anyway I have a clear memory that someone on the QA list purchased a new camera last spring. I can't remember who at the moment.. and searching everyone's archives for who bought a camera?? Well, I do have a life!!

Does anyone remember who is was or what they bought? Seems to me someone else got the same model.

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The NaBloPoMo Plan, part DO (or deux).

Spent some time the other night browsing through old magazines and books thinking of projects for NaBloPoMo . So far I have several potential projects:

#1. The summer issue of Quilting Arts offers three options:
  • Liz Berg's Abstract Challenge. Really concentrate on the elements of design and make a piece.
  • The Deconstructed Screen Printing is something I've wanted to play with. I'm not completely confident that I do this with the directions in the article, though.
  • And Simply Blown Away, working with vanishing muslin. I think I ordered some of this a year or so ago (from Meinke Toys??) and haven't used it yet. And this might tie in with another article:
#2 Stitch, April/May: Burning Issues. Using a heat tool and synthetic organza and acrylic felt.

#3. Stitch, October/November: Along the River and Star Struck.

Interesting in looking up the links for these magazines, how much more information you can get from Stitch over QA. Just an observation here... but online details from the QA site are hard.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another Monthly Challenge.. and more plans

Ok, like me you don't want to write a novel for a month.. and you don't want to write a blog post a month (I completely understand.. and we do need readers...). Maybe you will accept the challenge to comment on a new blog every day.. maybe not.

There is, however, a new month challenge: DrawMo.

And this one might appeal to you. The concept of DrawMo is simply to get out those art supplies you've been accumulating for years and use them.!! Draw More. They are borrowing the rules from NaArMaMo... (did you know there was a National Art Making Month challenge?? In August? I didn't.) and they're really simple. Draw something each day.

She even posted some suggested exercises from her mother.. my favorite:

Make the Dallas Cowboys Cross-Dress
Get a copy of the sports section and find some pictures of football players in action—American football. Those of you who’re overseas can look for photos online. They have to be wearing those padded uniforms, and the helmets. I guess hockey players would work, too, but try to find some pictures of brawls, perhaps, with the players in uncommon positions. Okay. Then, redraw the figures without all their gear, transformed into women, wearing women’s clothes and shoes.
Not that I'm totally nudging all of you to do something this month... but, yeah, I am.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What's the Plan??

Gee, thanks, Blogger!! I was ready to spend this afternoon writing, but you decided to keep being unavailable. So I got lots of other work done. Do this next month, however, and I'll be royally pissed!!

Now that I've committed to blogging every day in November, I need a plan!! I mean what was I thinking??

OK. Deep breath. This isn't rocket science.

I talked to my Pickle-pal Roberta. When she's not selling real estate, she's a rep for E.E. Schenk, wholesale distributors for fabrics, notions, and books. I asked her to choose four tools that she thinks are really exciting. So on Tuesday I blog a "Cool Tools" post. I hope she's having fun thinking about this...

I really want to take time to work on some of the small things in magazines I've ear-marked. So I'll work on 4 of those and write them up Sundays. Tonight while I'm watching LOST and TOP CHEF, I'll check out past issues.

Tech/Ap Friday!! Maybe??

This plan is coming together!!

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November: A month of commitment

Normally several of the QuiltArt blogring members participate in NaNoWriMo. Not me, but others. I need to check their blogs to see who's doing this still.

Now there is NaBloPoMo. Is anyone considering signing up for this one? Yeah, I'm considering it.

And if you're not participating in either one of these, please consider this invitation from Fussy...
If you don't want to participate as a NaBloPoMo blogger then your mission is simply to delurk and comment on one of the NaBloPoMo blogs, or another of your favorite blogs, once a day in the month of November as a show of support. This will also prove that you can read and that you think blogging is nice. And if the site has Google ads, you know what to do.
I'd say, comment on a blog you haven't read before. Heck, the blogring has enough members, you could read and comment on a couple every day and still not get completely through the list. We all deserve some love... consider this!!

I'm a little freaked about writing a quality post every day for a month. Let's face it, many of my posts? That quality is missing. So let's get started thinking about good possible topics:

1. Blocks to working. What are they, why do I create them, steps to take to overcome them.

2. Inspirational photos. Maybe evaluated by basic design principles to determine why they're so good. Maybe just let them speak for themselves.

3. Magazine articles and books reviews. Actually DO some of the things I've earmarked to do.

4. Technology and art. Websites and aps that might be worthwhile.

5. HowTos. Demo some dyeing/painting techniques and maybe some new items.

6. What are other artsy-crafty NoBloPoMo bloggers writing about? Point to some of the best posts.. and let readers vote on the best topic-specific post of the month (with a prize!!).

Can this get through the month? Maybe....

hmmm... excuse me while I go sign up!!

Oh, and obviously if you choose to sign up for NaBloPoMo? Please let me know!! I want to make a little list of the artsy-crafty bloggers who participate. There will be some blog plugging and prizes!!

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Remember Way Back in September???

Remember way back in September? I showed you some Pickle-Pals wearing hand-dyed t-shirts and promised you that eventually they would be for sale?

And Gerrie kept complaining because I was slow getting this done?

Well, now the shirts are uploaded and ready for sale.

The Medium T-shirts can be found here, and the XL T-shirts here.

A tip on sizing. If you are a 10-12 with C cup breasts or smaller... choose the Medium and it should be just fine. All shirts above except the blue on the far right are Mediums. If you're a 12 or higher, or have D-cups or larger, I'd recommend the XL. Me? I'm a 12 with boobs.. the medium fits.. but tight through the bust. So I wear the XL. Recommending from experience here.

And remember:

These are Dharma's Feminine fit tshirts which they describe as:
  • 100% 5.5 oz. super soft combed Ringspun Cotton
  • It's unbelievable soft & smooth on the skin! People will want to touch you!
  • It's designed for women
  • Tapered waist, lower neckline, double stitched
  • Form fitting, so buy a size larger if you like it loose!
Pam bought one at BlogHer and in the comments wrote:
I'd like to tell you as an aside, the painted t-shirts you sold? are fabuloso. I have just realized that most artists start with men's t-shirts. Maybe because they're cheaper? Easier to order? But you used a women's T - there's a big, big difference in comfort and fit. I love this shirt!

Blogfolk, if Deb ever sells her T's here, grab one
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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Demo-ing the rotating mat.

Pam Beancounter couldn't imagine what I was talking about with this rotating cutting board, so I thought I'd show you. Here is the board and base, shiny side up. (the wrong way). Flip the black over so the dull side is on top.

When I place the mat on the base, I can begin squaring up a piece just like normal. Cut the left side and top and clean that up.

To square up the other two sides, I don't need to move the fabric and the ruler. I rotate the board. Now I'd turn it 180 degrees, but then you wouldn't see that I was turning it.

Trimmed up, (you can see the mat is upside down from the earlier photos), I can line up along a number of angles and cut the piece up even more.

Easy-peasy. This is a good thing.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A great new Quilting Tool

I had heard about this before I went to PIQF. Pickle-pal Roberta is a rep. for one of the fabric/notions wholesaler and she mentioned that this was a killer tool. There just haven't been that many really cool things coming into quilting lately, so my ears perked up.

Olfa has come out with thier own rotating cutting mat. A nice 12" square, this is a brilliant design!! There is a small black base onwhich the mat sits. About the same thickness as the mat itself so it doesn't change the feel. This black base has a sticky side and a slippy side and a hole in the middle. If you buy this and the mat doesn't turn easily, flip the mat over; it's backward.

Anyway, the sticky side hold the mat to the table, the slippy side lets the mat turn, and the hole in the middle provides the resistence to make it turn easily in a circle.

It's perfect for squaring up blocks, or trimming up seams and stray pieces when paper piecing. And it will be easy to pack for workshops.

It ain't cheap, but watch for sales. At PIQF the Bernina dealer was selling these mats for 40% off. Being Olfa, they will probably eventually make their way to JoAnnes, Hancocks, and Michaels where those 40% and 50% off coupons work so well.

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Monday, October 16, 2006


I spent part of Friday and most of Saturday at PIQF (Pacific International Quilt Festival) down in Santa Clara. As I wrote last week, my Pickle pal, Karen Boutte, had organized the fashion show this year and we were working it.

First, my general impressions of the show: I wish they gave more real floor space over to showing quilts and less space to vendors. (gasp! I know. But really... This show encompasses two large space convention halls, and yes, the exterior walls are covered with quilts (so not easy to see with people walking by checking out the vendors).. but I think the floor space dedicated to quilts is is less than 2/3rds of one hall. Most of that floor space, too, is dedicated to the special exhibits (and yes I love these).

All that said, the quilts were quite nice this year. Not "blow me away" spectacular like a couple of years... but all quite nice.

However, the real reason I was there was to work the fashion show.

We met at 5 pm to begin the evening. We were being fed, then getting organized before the clock struck "show time" at 8 pm. Let me tell ya.. fitting 20 some folks into a small "green room" to eat a sandwich, some veggies, a cookie and some Hawaiian punch? Crowded and noisy. But a good way to scope things out.

After the nosh, the models and designers headed off for one dressing room where I gather the models got to pick thier outfits. Being a Presser/Dresser, I wasn't needed for that. So I helped the photographers figure out thier spots. Then back to the dressing rooms to meet my models and get everything clear for the show.

I worked with Dineen and Maryann. Two tall together babes!! Grabbed a copy of the program and marked where each of them would be modeling a garment (helped me plan the back-scene activity). After switching out a couple items, the wardrobes were set. We had each garment planned with necessary slips, correct under things (or lack of underthings) and shoes.

The show itself was a whir. I almost heard about half of it (we had the speaker in our dressing room, but I was too busy to pay attention). I saw most of the garments as the models waited in the wings, but I spent most of my time zipping, pinning, snapping. Occasionally suggesting on movements to help show the piece well. And hanging things up.

We hear that the show went well. And I've got say if Karen gets the gig next year, I will so be backstage doing my own fun little thing again!! I am going to do the research to find links to some of the designers.. that will come later.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Say It With A Song...

I'm blaming this on Deborah, just because I can. It was last week that she put two innocent looking links on her blog:

Speaking of creative, smart, clever, funny, dedicated Navy folks, check out these two videos on You Tube.
Pump It
Hey Ya

Life in the military is so much more than what you see on the news. At least it was for us.
I did not know. I clicked. I listened. And this phrase "so pump it" earwormed itelf into my consciousness. Interestingly, at the same I started dreaming in musicals. Or atleast noticing it.

Now I rarely remember my dreams so this was really interesting. Not only was I now remembering that I dreamt, but that I dreamt in song and dance. The songs seemed to repeat from one dream to the next; that is, while I'm dreaming, they seem familiar. And it resembles more of a high school production than anything very professional. Like watching rehearsals. I don't remember the songs, the themes or anything else yet. But I wonder...

Anyone else dream in musicals??

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday ToDos

Darn. I am not awake enough to come up with some clever title for today that is also alliterative. And we all know I like my alliterations. Well... we will have to persevere...

1. Hope Blogger and PayPay cooperates enough today to finish uploading and "buy me now" stickering the t-shirts. (Yes, Gerrie, I have been working on this. Just not successfully).

2. Finish writing my "Why I Won't Think Pink This October" blogpost.

3. Transfer my old dog walk posts over to Puppydog Trails to get it populated. The blog doesn't have much to offer yet; but, if you walk your dog somewhere nice and take photos, this will be a blog to share that with other dog folks.

4. Continue playing with your triangle ideas.

5. Finish watching Gabrielle's DVD.

I am heading to PIQF tomorrow (arriving in the afternoon sometime). If you will be there, look for me. Hmm.. how to do that? Well, I will be working at the fashion show (behind the scenes. I'm a presser/dresser.) BTW, the Fashion Show is being organized by Pickle-Pal Karen Boutte and a lot of the models/dressers will be Pickles.

Had I thought about it earlier, we could have planned a meet up time and place... but, oh well!!

Yesterday I decided to take advantage of 24HourFitness's special offer. I signed up for the 6 week plan with weekly sessions with a trainer. Now these will only be 1/2 hour sessions... half the normal time... but I really need is someone who will hold me accountable for my workout. When the special is over, I'll probably schedule more sessions.. we'll see.

They found me a nice young man (here I'll call him Guido...) who promises to whip me into shape. Lots of work on a stability ball with free weights. Hopefully we'll be seeing a bit less of me by the new year.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Good Mail Day

Look what came in the mail the other day!!!

I am watching/listening to this DVD as I'm writing this! (Gabrielle, dahling.. you look fabulous!!)

I am happily in love with this!!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Where Are The Creative Women and Why Don't They Speak?

crossposted at BlogHer.org

The discussion appears to have started when Jen Bekman posted on her blog, Personism, about the Creativity Now Conference that Tokion will be putting on later this month.  She edited their announcement as follows:
This unique symposium will bring together top figures men in art, design, fashion, photography, film, new media, publishing and marketing. In the same room for the first time, thepeople men shaping today’s popular culture will spend two days exchanging their ideas, methods and inspirations before an audience of 2,000.
Ken from Tokion responded with a list of invited women speakers  (including Yoko Ono, Soffia Coppola, and Dana Schutz) who declined the invitation and added:

As for “who knew it was so damn hard?” Well, as that list shows, it ISN’T hard coming up with talented women working in art, design, fashion, photography, film, new media, publishing and marketing.

But the speakers list you see reflects the reality of who was willing/available to confirm for the conference. However, it’s flattering to think that we give the impression that we have so much control over the creative community’s colllective schedule that we get to pick and choose our speaker list without outside considerations.
Brooklyn Vegan continued by adding:
They said they tried but couldn’t find any [women speakers}. We say: try harder.
At which point Jen started listing potential speakers and the very impressive list continued in the comments.

Grace summarized the story and solicited responses from her readers at Design*Sponge. The most interesting comment came from Stephanie:
I agree with you and Jen that it's unacceptable of Tokion to settle with all men after inviting a long list of women who were unable or declined to attend. If that is the case, you damn well keep trying. As is evident by the lists that are popping up all over the internet as a result of yours and Jen Bekman's blogs, there is no shortage of creative women to invite. And the presence of women on those panels does matter.

It matters to the psyche of a 15 year-old future-artist in Topeka, Kansas reading about this event in the news, with no explanation offered as to why there are no women present. It matters to the any number of women (and men) attending this event, just starting out in the creative world, looking for inspiration and direction, and hearing only a male perspective (which is going to be different from that of a female, no matter how much we would like to think otherwise). And It even matters to all the established women in the creative sector who at this point should be able to put aside gender disparity to focus solely on their work, but every once in a while hears about something like this, and suddenly finds herself spending the next hour (or however long) revisiting an old topic which she had long ago hoped to put to rest.
This sounds like the emotions and "call to action" occurring just over two years ago that lead to the creation of BlogHer. Do creative women need to take the step of forming CreateHer... or can the public discussions like this one work as a call to action to conference organizers without a formalized organization to push the issue? From Tokien's responses, I do not have confidence.

A giant curtsy to Leslie Madsen Brooks for the tip on this story.

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Can You Believe..

Can you believe that this man began his national time as a reporter merely doing sports??

Why can no other journalist, or better politician, say this too??

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Friday, October 06, 2006

A Seal Of Approval

It was fun to make my very own seal.

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First, this is for Arlee. Crappy days deserve good drinks.

Inbetween all the "sturm and dram" of home maintainence.. I played for a couple minutes with some ideas for the "points of view" stuff. This is a rather crappy photo of one of the iterations of the idea..

but I think I'm going like it. More playing before anything gets actually sewn or fused or actually designed.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Impressing you with my multi-tasking abilities.

I demonstrated my incredible geekiness by redoing my template while simultaneously fighting a beligerrant drain. The overwhelming brilliance of those skills stunned you into silver silence.

Turns out I couldn't fix the clog myself. I've had a plumber here for 2 hours already (I don't want to think about it...). First he power-snaked the line from under the kitchen sink, reattached everything to find the clog still blocked the drain; now he's snaking from under our house. The dogs (in their cages) are not happy. It's beyond walk time and walking hasn't happened.

But a question... if the house were in the pipe beyond the kitchen by far, wouldn't I have had a problem with the 2 loads of laundry I've done this morning?? Let's not think about this too hard. UPDATE: The line main drain line was completely snaked and open (though there was a heavy coating of grease on the lines); the sink was still clogged. Some plunger work, and another go with this snake from the kitchen trap to the main drain line and finally things are working.

Turns out that putting tomato skins through the garbage disposer can cause a major infarction in your household plumbing. Now you know.

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I've been thinking... always a dangerous thing.

I've been thinking... always a dangerous thing!! I wrote earlier this week about the Crafter's Companion. Chosen to highlight 17 blogging crafters.. each wrote about their own creative process. And each one shared a pattern. A brilliant concept!!

If someone among the art quilters were to do a similar book, how would it be approached?

I imagine choosing about 20 blogging artists each with a different style and strength. Having each one write a bit about thier studio and work process. Then each one sharing a technique that they use instead of a pattern. So more of a "how-to" to the process than the product. It would probably be published by someone like Pokey Bolton, though she hasn't done a book yet that I can tell (though if someone approached C&T they might consider it).

What would your version of this book look like?

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I've gone from that fancy but busy-and-kinda-dark 3 column template to this plain as milk template. Take a deep breath and realize that everything is still here.

Thanks to Karen Rani for writing about the codes to give me the fabulous scrolling blogroll. It can be a mile long, but only take up a small section of the sidebar. She also provided the hack for the scrolling Archives. Makes all the difference in a neat sidebar. (totally unrelated to all this.. but Karen is running the new website Motherless. I encourage you visit it.)

I hope to pick out a photo and get a pretty custom blogheader in the future. Brenda, I WILL take you up on your offer to help me with that.

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All summer I've thought I was imagining this. I've regularly heard turkey noises in the valley behind our house.. always downhill from us. Was someone keeping a turkey in their backyard?

Late yesterday morning, I let the dogs out onto the deck. Both immediately headed over to the corner and began to raise Cain. A quick look explained why. Five wild turkeys were grazing in the grass behind our fence!!

I have never seen wild turkeys before. I'm thinking this is a sign that a) the rumored mountain lion in our town does not patrol this valley; and b) the coyotes really are less active in our valley. I think I've only heard the coyotes a couple times this summer.

Monday I had picked a 5 gallon bucket of ripe tomatoes. Yesterday I picked an equal size bucket of bad tomatoes (spots, holes, rotten, sunburned) and threw behind the fence. The turkeys, birds, deer, and other wildlife should enjoy some of them. Then I picked a few more found tomatoes. I processed these last night and froze the good stuff. There are still about 3-4 bucketsful of tomatoes on the plants that will ripen or rot over the next month.

I woke up today with a thought on that tricky triangle plan I've been playing with. I just may have to find some paper and experiment.

Check out my other blog: Deb's Daily Distractions where I cross-posted about an almost available book written by a number of blogging crafters (including Gerrie's daughter.)
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Monday, October 02, 2006

Atleast I'll have a point of view!!

While we were packing up last Thursday, I told myself:

You are returning to your own life, and the question of these triangles you're kind of obsessed with.

Then, sometime later (while falling asleep?) an idea perculated through the mess. Today I need to draw it out and play with it a bit to see if it will actually work outside my head. If so, it can be an interest project to work on.

First, though, I need to put away the clutter in the studio (it looks like a fabric monster threw up in there!), and photograph each of the dyed tshirts to show you. (yes, Gerrie, I know you want one!!) So I'll probably draft out the shapes in paper tonight while watching Studio 60, then play with them for a while before I fall asleep.

And, yes, I'm working on redesigning my blog. Again. I suspect a 2 column look is coming back!! Kind of like jeans with a flare to the leg...

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