Friday, October 13, 2006

Say It With A Song...

I'm blaming this on Deborah, just because I can. It was last week that she put two innocent looking links on her blog:

Speaking of creative, smart, clever, funny, dedicated Navy folks, check out these two videos on You Tube.
Pump It
Hey Ya

Life in the military is so much more than what you see on the news. At least it was for us.
I did not know. I clicked. I listened. And this phrase "so pump it" earwormed itelf into my consciousness. Interestingly, at the same I started dreaming in musicals. Or atleast noticing it.

Now I rarely remember my dreams so this was really interesting. Not only was I now remembering that I dreamt, but that I dreamt in song and dance. The songs seemed to repeat from one dream to the next; that is, while I'm dreaming, they seem familiar. And it resembles more of a high school production than anything very professional. Like watching rehearsals. I don't remember the songs, the themes or anything else yet. But I wonder...

Anyone else dream in musicals??

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