Sunday, October 22, 2006

Remember Way Back in September???

Remember way back in September? I showed you some Pickle-Pals wearing hand-dyed t-shirts and promised you that eventually they would be for sale?

And Gerrie kept complaining because I was slow getting this done?

Well, now the shirts are uploaded and ready for sale.

The Medium T-shirts can be found here, and the XL T-shirts here.

A tip on sizing. If you are a 10-12 with C cup breasts or smaller... choose the Medium and it should be just fine. All shirts above except the blue on the far right are Mediums. If you're a 12 or higher, or have D-cups or larger, I'd recommend the XL. Me? I'm a 12 with boobs.. the medium fits.. but tight through the bust. So I wear the XL. Recommending from experience here.

And remember:

These are Dharma's Feminine fit tshirts which they describe as:
  • 100% 5.5 oz. super soft combed Ringspun Cotton
  • It's unbelievable soft & smooth on the skin! People will want to touch you!
  • It's designed for women
  • Tapered waist, lower neckline, double stitched
  • Form fitting, so buy a size larger if you like it loose!
Pam bought one at BlogHer and in the comments wrote:
I'd like to tell you as an aside, the painted t-shirts you sold? are fabuloso. I have just realized that most artists start with men's t-shirts. Maybe because they're cheaper? Easier to order? But you used a women's T - there's a big, big difference in comfort and fit. I love this shirt!

Blogfolk, if Deb ever sells her T's here, grab one
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