Thursday, October 05, 2006

Impressing you with my multi-tasking abilities.

I demonstrated my incredible geekiness by redoing my template while simultaneously fighting a beligerrant drain. The overwhelming brilliance of those skills stunned you into silver silence.

Turns out I couldn't fix the clog myself. I've had a plumber here for 2 hours already (I don't want to think about it...). First he power-snaked the line from under the kitchen sink, reattached everything to find the clog still blocked the drain; now he's snaking from under our house. The dogs (in their cages) are not happy. It's beyond walk time and walking hasn't happened.

But a question... if the house were in the pipe beyond the kitchen by far, wouldn't I have had a problem with the 2 loads of laundry I've done this morning?? Let's not think about this too hard. UPDATE: The line main drain line was completely snaked and open (though there was a heavy coating of grease on the lines); the sink was still clogged. Some plunger work, and another go with this snake from the kitchen trap to the main drain line and finally things are working.

Turns out that putting tomato skins through the garbage disposer can cause a major infarction in your household plumbing. Now you know.

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