Saturday, October 21, 2006

Demo-ing the rotating mat.

Pam Beancounter couldn't imagine what I was talking about with this rotating cutting board, so I thought I'd show you. Here is the board and base, shiny side up. (the wrong way). Flip the black over so the dull side is on top.

When I place the mat on the base, I can begin squaring up a piece just like normal. Cut the left side and top and clean that up.

To square up the other two sides, I don't need to move the fabric and the ruler. I rotate the board. Now I'd turn it 180 degrees, but then you wouldn't see that I was turning it.

Trimmed up, (you can see the mat is upside down from the earlier photos), I can line up along a number of angles and cut the piece up even more.

Easy-peasy. This is a good thing.

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