Tuesday, October 24, 2006

November: A month of commitment

Normally several of the QuiltArt blogring members participate in NaNoWriMo. Not me, but others. I need to check their blogs to see who's doing this still.

Now there is NaBloPoMo. Is anyone considering signing up for this one? Yeah, I'm considering it.

And if you're not participating in either one of these, please consider this invitation from Fussy...
If you don't want to participate as a NaBloPoMo blogger then your mission is simply to delurk and comment on one of the NaBloPoMo blogs, or another of your favorite blogs, once a day in the month of November as a show of support. This will also prove that you can read and that you think blogging is nice. And if the site has Google ads, you know what to do.
I'd say, comment on a blog you haven't read before. Heck, the blogring has enough members, you could read and comment on a couple every day and still not get completely through the list. We all deserve some love... consider this!!

I'm a little freaked about writing a quality post every day for a month. Let's face it, many of my posts? That quality is missing. So let's get started thinking about good possible topics:

1. Blocks to working. What are they, why do I create them, steps to take to overcome them.

2. Inspirational photos. Maybe evaluated by basic design principles to determine why they're so good. Maybe just let them speak for themselves.

3. Magazine articles and books reviews. Actually DO some of the things I've earmarked to do.

4. Technology and art. Websites and aps that might be worthwhile.

5. HowTos. Demo some dyeing/painting techniques and maybe some new items.

6. What are other artsy-crafty NoBloPoMo bloggers writing about? Point to some of the best posts.. and let readers vote on the best topic-specific post of the month (with a prize!!).

Can this get through the month? Maybe....

hmmm... excuse me while I go sign up!!

Oh, and obviously if you choose to sign up for NaBloPoMo? Please let me know!! I want to make a little list of the artsy-crafty bloggers who participate. There will be some blog plugging and prizes!!

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