Monday, October 16, 2006


I spent part of Friday and most of Saturday at PIQF (Pacific International Quilt Festival) down in Santa Clara. As I wrote last week, my Pickle pal, Karen Boutte, had organized the fashion show this year and we were working it.

First, my general impressions of the show: I wish they gave more real floor space over to showing quilts and less space to vendors. (gasp! I know. But really... This show encompasses two large space convention halls, and yes, the exterior walls are covered with quilts (so not easy to see with people walking by checking out the vendors).. but I think the floor space dedicated to quilts is is less than 2/3rds of one hall. Most of that floor space, too, is dedicated to the special exhibits (and yes I love these).

All that said, the quilts were quite nice this year. Not "blow me away" spectacular like a couple of years... but all quite nice.

However, the real reason I was there was to work the fashion show.

We met at 5 pm to begin the evening. We were being fed, then getting organized before the clock struck "show time" at 8 pm. Let me tell ya.. fitting 20 some folks into a small "green room" to eat a sandwich, some veggies, a cookie and some Hawaiian punch? Crowded and noisy. But a good way to scope things out.

After the nosh, the models and designers headed off for one dressing room where I gather the models got to pick thier outfits. Being a Presser/Dresser, I wasn't needed for that. So I helped the photographers figure out thier spots. Then back to the dressing rooms to meet my models and get everything clear for the show.

I worked with Dineen and Maryann. Two tall together babes!! Grabbed a copy of the program and marked where each of them would be modeling a garment (helped me plan the back-scene activity). After switching out a couple items, the wardrobes were set. We had each garment planned with necessary slips, correct under things (or lack of underthings) and shoes.

The show itself was a whir. I almost heard about half of it (we had the speaker in our dressing room, but I was too busy to pay attention). I saw most of the garments as the models waited in the wings, but I spent most of my time zipping, pinning, snapping. Occasionally suggesting on movements to help show the piece well. And hanging things up.

We hear that the show went well. And I've got say if Karen gets the gig next year, I will so be backstage doing my own fun little thing again!! I am going to do the research to find links to some of the designers.. that will come later.

Check out my other blog: Deb's Daily Distractions later today when I write about my first training session with Guido.

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