Friday, October 27, 2006

The NaBloPoMo Plan, part DO (or deux).

Spent some time the other night browsing through old magazines and books thinking of projects for NaBloPoMo . So far I have several potential projects:

#1. The summer issue of Quilting Arts offers three options:
  • Liz Berg's Abstract Challenge. Really concentrate on the elements of design and make a piece.
  • The Deconstructed Screen Printing is something I've wanted to play with. I'm not completely confident that I do this with the directions in the article, though.
  • And Simply Blown Away, working with vanishing muslin. I think I ordered some of this a year or so ago (from Meinke Toys??) and haven't used it yet. And this might tie in with another article:
#2 Stitch, April/May: Burning Issues. Using a heat tool and synthetic organza and acrylic felt.

#3. Stitch, October/November: Along the River and Star Struck.

Interesting in looking up the links for these magazines, how much more information you can get from Stitch over QA. Just an observation here... but online details from the QA site are hard.

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