Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Is Not For Me...

Halloween has become a huge holiday in the US, maybe because it's a guilt-free day of fun. This year over $5 Billion will be spent on the day.

I am not participating. I do not "do" Halloween.

Let me explain.

My first memory of the holiday was when I was four. My mother got a McCall's pattern and we each got to be an animal for Halloween. I was pink bunny, complete with tall ears; one brother was a lion the other a leopard. That leopard costume lasted until my youngest brother wore it. Alas, my bunny costume only made it the one year.

I was hopping down the street, tripped on the sidewalk, banged up knees and hands, lost most of my candy and tore the costume. After limping for another house or two, I went home early.

And that was the good trick-or-treating experience.

At five, I was home with pneumonia. Returned to my kindergarden desk (we went to all-day kindergarden at Incarnate Word...) to find a stale, week-old cupcake and some candy corn. My older brother took around a separate bag for me and I got a slightly larger haul than the boys.

At six? I had something a bit worse than pneumonia. Don't remember what it was, but I had to take pills so large that I earned a nickel each time I swallowed one. My older brother took around a separate bag for me again; I got double the take of the boys who went out. I returned to my first grade desk and a stale cupcake, some candy corn and a strange cup of punch.

Ok, why would my nun leave a cup of punch inside my desk?

At seven? The entire family was sick. My mother bought apple cider and powdered sugar donuts which we ate by candlelight instead of going out that year. I really liked part!! Too bad you can't get unpasturized apple cider anymore. Anyway, the neighbors realized that none of would be trick-or-treating and that I was missing my third year. They brought all their extra candy over at the end of the night, and two went to the store to buy me a special toy (dolls that I named after the neighbors: Betsy and Jeanne).

I returned to school the next week to a stale cupcake and some candy corn.

By eight, I was over any possible excitement at the holiday. I went through the motions for a couple years, but stopped at 6th grade. And I have let the holiday go almost un-noticed since then.

So enjoy the day... those who participate. If you must, leave me a cupcake and some candy corn. I'm sure I'll find it in a week or so.

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