Monday, October 02, 2006

Atleast I'll have a point of view!!

While we were packing up last Thursday, I told myself:

You are returning to your own life, and the question of these triangles you're kind of obsessed with.

Then, sometime later (while falling asleep?) an idea perculated through the mess. Today I need to draw it out and play with it a bit to see if it will actually work outside my head. If so, it can be an interest project to work on.

First, though, I need to put away the clutter in the studio (it looks like a fabric monster threw up in there!), and photograph each of the dyed tshirts to show you. (yes, Gerrie, I know you want one!!) So I'll probably draft out the shapes in paper tonight while watching Studio 60, then play with them for a while before I fall asleep.

And, yes, I'm working on redesigning my blog. Again. I suspect a 2 column look is coming back!! Kind of like jeans with a flare to the leg...

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