Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday ToDos

Darn. I am not awake enough to come up with some clever title for today that is also alliterative. And we all know I like my alliterations. Well... we will have to persevere...

1. Hope Blogger and PayPay cooperates enough today to finish uploading and "buy me now" stickering the t-shirts. (Yes, Gerrie, I have been working on this. Just not successfully).

2. Finish writing my "Why I Won't Think Pink This October" blogpost.

3. Transfer my old dog walk posts over to Puppydog Trails to get it populated. The blog doesn't have much to offer yet; but, if you walk your dog somewhere nice and take photos, this will be a blog to share that with other dog folks.

4. Continue playing with your triangle ideas.

5. Finish watching Gabrielle's DVD.

I am heading to PIQF tomorrow (arriving in the afternoon sometime). If you will be there, look for me. Hmm.. how to do that? Well, I will be working at the fashion show (behind the scenes. I'm a presser/dresser.) BTW, the Fashion Show is being organized by Pickle-Pal Karen Boutte and a lot of the models/dressers will be Pickles.

Had I thought about it earlier, we could have planned a meet up time and place... but, oh well!!

Yesterday I decided to take advantage of 24HourFitness's special offer. I signed up for the 6 week plan with weekly sessions with a trainer. Now these will only be 1/2 hour sessions... half the normal time... but I really need is someone who will hold me accountable for my workout. When the special is over, I'll probably schedule more sessions.. we'll see.

They found me a nice young man (here I'll call him Guido...) who promises to whip me into shape. Lots of work on a stability ball with free weights. Hopefully we'll be seeing a bit less of me by the new year.

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