Friday, March 31, 2006

One Thing I've Learned

When US Customs sends you a form to fill out... do not mail it in until you talk to your pharmacy company. They could claim the meds, and have them sent back to them. Unfortunately that isn't mentioned on the form. We filled it out and Steve took it to work at 5 am this morning. I'm hoping he might be able to retrieve it from the mail service, but I'm not hopeful.

Anyway, the company is working hard to get the drugs to us without any additional cost to us.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Excuse me while I rant.

Our ignorant government, deep in the back pockets of corporate America has struck close to home!

The Customs Office at SeaTac has grabbed Katy's meds and refuses to send them on to us. They are siting that it's illegal for a person to use drugs from another country... but this is for my dog!! Diane, can they do this?? (yes, I know they can they are the fracking government).

I signed my papers and mailed them in.. they will open the containers (sealed at the manufacturer and identical to the ones I would get my local drugstore) and test them to make sure that there really is Synthroid in the bottles. Meanwhile, Katy is running low on pills. I will have to call the pharmacy in the morning and see what can be done.

If the drug manufacturers can profitably sell drugs to Canadians at 20% what we pay here in the US, then they can sell them to US for the same price. They would, ofcourse, only make reasonable profits of maybe 15% instead of the 70% or so they are making now...

Bah! I need to go punch something.

Some giggles for the day

I have a 'net friend who loves her peeps! No, not her crew, or gang or friends... she really mean Peeps! And she has fun with them.

This year she is dressing up her peeps as famous "Peep"le. Check them out!!

My fave is Abby...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Gray Wednesday.

This is how March has looked here. Sunrise, middle of the day, sunset. Doesn't matter.

I played a bit with the idea I mentioned earlier. At the moment, it's just too vague an idea to get something working. Everything I put on the wall is cluttered and ugly. Filed away for another day with notes in a journal. Its a start that need a lot more thought to work. But I'm certain that I'll come to it eventually.

Then I started researching pieces for the Ricky Tims Microcosms. I have an idea of what to do for this piece, but I don't know if I will get it clearly defined in time. With names like: Fields of Gold, and Tree of Life.. don't you just see a Tuscan countryside? Well, OK.. so Deb B. didn't.. and her piece is spectacular. Me? I see Tuscany in my mind's eye.

If I made this piece for myself, I would make this a grouping with 2 landscape piece and one portrait. And I still may. Unfortunately, that's not acceptable in the rules. So I'm sketching and thinking and simplifying for the size and then deciding if I will do this for Tims or myself.

It stopped raining long enough for me to take the dogs for a walk. They were so primed that we actually started off at a 4.5 MPH jog!! And the appearance of a woman running behind 2 large black dogs does not comfort many people. Especially since I didn't really want to be jogging.. just tried to keep up with dogs' enthusiasm.

It started sprinkling again at the half-way point. Kind of the way the day's gone...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ah, the Sweet Inspiration of Sleep...

I went to sleep last night thinking about Diane's houses. What I loved about the quilt was that the houses were rectangles not squares. That was what I wanted to capitalize upon.

The same size of everything was what I wanted to alter. And maybe change the sizes of the houses. but How? without developing major pains in putting it all together?

Ah, my love... the Fibonacci Series... varying sizes that must fit together. Maybe.

Now for a theme... Houses.. what kind of houses are there?

Coffee houses, tea houses,warehouses, greenhouses, houses on a hillside...Lots of choices. But do they have to be houses? Think I may just play with a shape for a while. Then I can decide if houses fits into this.

In the spirit of planning ahead, and with a decision to "use what I have" in April... I will pick fabric from a collection I already have. If I need a background, cool blue or light gray for rain.. or a light sunny yellow...


Obviously this is not a fully formed concept yet... so time to do some play with paper. (or maybe go back to sleep?)

Tuesday's To Dos...

I feel like a slithering slug! All I have accomplished this past week has been home related or computer related or both.

Nothing to show, nothing to talk about. I step into my studio and feel empty.

So today I'm taking a tip from someone?? I am going to go into the studio, touch fabric, straighten fabric... just spend time there and wait. I know something will come. Maybe I will pull some fabrics and work to make a top similar to the one's Diane made.... I really like this pattern. And obviously from this photo in my "inspiration" folder, I've been collecting houses for a while.
I'm grumpy because of the rain.. maybe I should make rainy houses.

Another option:I have some flannels already cut to piece into a lap quilt. I could have the whole thing done a few hours, except the quilting.

Not very "artistic".. but ...

We've had rain almost every day this month and I've had enough. Besides feeling a need to grow gills, this weather is really putting a damper on my mood. Fortunately, I've been able to get some kind of walk in most days or my mood would truly be foul.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Use What You Have... or a Stash Only Crafty Month...

When a great idea appears, it's hard to ignore.

On March 15th, Simple Sparrow took a pledge that for the month of April, she would Use What She Had.
I was searching through my piles of fabrics and such, I kept coming across things I had bought and forgotten I had. It was a lot actually. I thought this is wasteful. Oh yes, someday I'll use it. Will I really? I just keep stacking more and more stuff on top. With that said, I want to challenge myself, for the month of April, to create only from the things I already have. No buying supplies. Nope. I want to use up some of this lovely fabric, trims, ribbons,yarn, thrifted sweaters etc...that I already have. Just for one month. Would anyone like to join me?
Within days, 60 people have taken the pledge, a button has been created, and a flickr support group has been created.

While this is a fabulous challenge for the Arts/Crafts folks, I'm wondering how we might expand this for everyone?

have cans and boxes of foods that sounded good in the store, yet remain in my pantry. Can I find the enthusiasm that caused me to pick them up in the first place and (gasp) use them?

Read the books I've purchased instead of just buying more?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Still Not Working...FIXED

Oh, well. This is a PIA.

I got my computer working again. I wrote that I had just installed TiVo? Which has a desktop feature that lets you exchange things between your computer and the TiVo machine? That had locked up, blocking my computer from accessing the internet.

Can someone tell me why this TiVo thing is supposed to be such hot shakes? So far I'm not seeing it.

Anyway, I am fixed.

For all of you who like this new look... if you have a blog on Blogger and would like an easy to make change, check out the CREDITS in my right hand sidebar. CAZ is the designer of this template, and he has a lot of templates. All are designed specifically for Blogger. This was so easy to switch out, and I am in love with my new look.

My Computer, she is broke..

Well, not completely broke like a blue screen of death kind of thing.... she simply refuses to connect to the wireless network. So I'm taking her in to the Geek Squad today. She needs a new battery anyway.

It is an odd thing. My computer knows I have a very good wireless connection. My browsers simply can't find it.

She works in the store for the Geek Squad; at home, she is still difficult. So I stuck sitting in hubby's office when he is off elsewhere and sticking the ethernet cable into my little girl. This is very inconvient, I have been the wireless wonder for almost 2 years.

Apparently there is some funky setting that will not let my play. I will spend more time looking at setting on my laptop and the spouse's laptop trying to find the disparity. If it does not happen soon, however, I will calling The Geek Squad for a home visit to fix it. $179 right up in smoke.

I will accept all suggestions on where to look for (probably) a proxy setting that is screwed up.

Friday, March 24, 2006

I think I've answered my question...

So what do you think??

Is this simply gorgeous?

A little dark, yes. but if this works in all browsers, it's a simple matter to change colors. I've already changed the size of the fonts (Caz must be a young buck. but oh, these older eyes.)

I keep going back and forth...

I have a "test" blog set up on WordPress blog hosting site (it's similar but different from the downloaded program and your own hosted site) and I'm trying to decide if I want to switch over there or contact a guy to make this blog pretty and workable on all desktops.

The WordPress folks are nice.. they actually answer comments to them... their help forums are surprising helpful.

But... I feel like I'm being treated like such a child because they control so much about the look of the blog. The font and font size is out of my control unless I want to figure out how to write an entire post in HTML. Nope, don't want that. Just want a WYSIWYG editor that lets me say "make the font larger".

I guess what I really want is Blogger without the downtime and with a functioning 3 column template. Am I answering my own question here?

When I'm not whiling away hours on this "very serious question" I'm going to be trying to set up TIVO today (including a wireless connection). It reads like it should be easy. I know I'm going to find complications that make it less so.

So I'm kind of tense and grumpy and not worth reading...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I love Canadian Pharmacy Trust.

I love CANADIAN PHARMACY TRUST!! My dog Katy needs thyroid replacement meds; the generic brand they make for pets doesn't work for her (it doesn't for about 10% of pets), so she is on the non-generic Synthroid. And she takes 5 pills a day. In the US it cost me over $125 for one bottle of 100 pills. Yeah. That would be over $150/month.

Canadian Pharmacy ships her drugs down to me. I am getting 5 bottles of pills (a 90 day supply) plus international shipping for less than one bottle costs in the US. And.. I faxed them her prescription last night. They called me this morning to check on quantities and shipping address and will send it to me today. It will be in my mailbox within a week.

My personal drugs are covered under our health insurance plan at the moment. With the changes in benefits (and retirement in a few years), I don't know how long this will continue. But if I'm ever at the point that I need to pay for my own drugs, I'm going outta the country. (watch our government screw this up for me).

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I've spent a little time today looking at other blog hosts (word press and typepad). Neither of these services let the individual get at their actual template to alter it, change it and make it their own. I couldn't even get figure out how to get my bloglines feed to work on either service.
Which means, I'd never figure out how to add buttons, etc.

Nice services. But instead of switching, I think I'll have to find someone to help me with my template here instead of switching to a different service.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Changing Perspectives catalog online!

The Changing Perspectives Exhibit is up online! You can go to this page then download the PDF catalog to view all the pieces.

This is the exhibit that I made Spheres of Influence for. Scroll down the page, to see the link for downloading the PDF File. You cannot view this online. Off to see all the work.

Technorati Tags: , , ,

My Blog is Cursed!!

Blogger has been breaking down for over a week.. this weekend and Monday, it his the file server that stores my blog. Broken blog off and on all morning.

Now HaloScan is offline.. and they handle my comments.

Off to find a virgin to sacrifice to the blogger gohds...

Update: Well HaloScan is back. That was fast. All I had to do was sleep on it.

Deb L. asked if the problems might be caused by going "off the reservation" for services like Flickr or HaloScan.

I think the problem with downtime at both places (Blogger and Haloscan) is the rapid growth of blogging. With a reported 25000(?) new blogs every day (a number I find suspect), the people providing the services don't have time or necessarily money to maintain/upgrade the equipment they use.

I doubt my recent cursed situation was complicated much by going "off res" for my comments (I don't use Flickr to upload photos, don't even normally use Hello.. just the basic Blogger upload option), except that it means there is one more place for equipment breakdowns.

Then Deb wondered why I chose to use HaloScan instead of stay with Blogger's comment system. I use HaloScan for several reasons:

1. I have friends who read my blog but do not have blogs themselves; they could not comment with blogger without setting up a "profile", so they wouldn't comment. With Haloscan, they don't need to register with anyone. Just comment. This was the most important reason. (yes, Del, Deb and Jennifer, this means I did this for you! Do you comment? No.)

2. Blogger still doesn't allow for trackbacks. I don't get them often, but I would use them more with other people's blogs if I could. Still it's not an option that Blogger offers.

3. With HaloScan I can block trolls and sploggers without requiring legitimate commentors to do that whole word verification thing every time they comment. Can't tell you how I dislike having to do that all the time. Since switching to HaloScan I've had to remove/block 2 comments total without word verification.

4. That pretty looking comment box that matches my blog.

I waited for Blogger to make these kinds of changes on their own, they didn't. I'm seriously thinking about jumping ship on Blogger; when I switch will I stay with HaloScan? I don't know. It depends upon the comment service offered wherever I go.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Humph!! And double Humph!!

I have spent time for the last three days working in one of my garden beds. A couple weeks ago my goodly neighbor and landscaper had some of his workers tear out all the spreading juniper in this bed: 8' x 20' give or take. They carried the torn up bushes behind our fence (but still on our property) to eventually compost and left me a bed of a few bushes and lots of bare ground.

No. That isn't why I'm humphing. I paid them to do it.

I spent this past weekend single-digging the dirt. It's mainly poor clay, kind of stony, so a total waste to double dig. I'm sore but happy at my accomplishment.

No. That isn't why I'm humphing, either. But muscles all over my body are awake for the first time in months.

This next week, I'll add some quality soil amendments. Still no humph.

While working on Saturday, I listened to the music on my MP3 player. Good music, I was compelled to sing along frequently. At one point I was accompanying MeatLoaf's Paradise By the Dashboard Light. (not my key, btw)..and Steve signalled for me to take off my earphones. Then he tells me:

Don't quit your day job!


Ofcourse, I quickly retorted:

What day job??

Now for the Double Humph: A file server on Blogger has been funky for the last few days. If my blog looked really strange, it's because of the problems they've had with that. If my blog has looked particulary strange, that's the reason. Hopefully the fix they implemented this morning takes.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

PodCasts for Arts/Crafts

Diane from Going to Pieces extolls the joys of PodCasts today.

She pointed me to Annie Smith's Quilting Stash podcasts, describing these them this way:
Annie has such a pleasant, melodious voice, and sounds like she's smiling the whole time. . . .Her podcasts are like a one-sided telephone conversation with a quilt-obsessed friend. She talks about what she's working on, quilt shows or shops she's visited, books or tools she's found, all sorts of things. She interviews interesting people she encounters along the way, and gives lots of links to websites.
After that ringing endorsement, I decided to follow her directions:
If you have Itunes on your computer you can open the Itunes
Music Store, go to Podcasts, and then search by any key word to find
what podcasts are out there. And, via Itunes, you can subscribe to the
podcasts you like so they're automatically downloaded when new issues
are available. You don't have to go hunting for them.
So I searched.

Alex Anderson has a podcast!! Everyone mourning the lack of new episodes of Sew Many Quilts can get there fix! There are several other quilting podcasts listed at ITunes. I will be spending days checking them out.

Brenda Dayne is podcasting knitting over at Cast On. Knitting News not only podcasts themselves, they list other knitting podcasters just to keep you in the loop.

Jeannie Gist is doing the only crochet podcast. I've found.

Scrapbooking has been in the podcast world by SCRAPcast for months now. Again, they list other scrapping podcasters.

And CraftyPod is:
The homemade podcast that celebrates all things crafty.
Ok. Enough for now. I will be searching out and listening to more these podcasts; hopefully to report on these every month or so. If you find a great arts/craft podcast, please share it with me!! This may be a new obsession!

In the meantime, I think I've found an excuse to buy an IPod. (My current MP3 player just doesn't have the memory to keep current with all of these), and another reason I'm glad I'm attending Day One of BlogHer, so I can learn more what goes into podcasts.

Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm having a good day.. without photos.

I've spent a few hours the past couple days playing with this idea. Though I'm having fun, I've decided that it doesn't need to go further. Paul Klee's paintings look like quilt blocks.. so I was wondering if I could use a similar technique to paint some fabric and make it into a quilt. It's turning into a fun experiment in layering color with watercolor. However, the work is so derivative that I now think I will just use it for a little play but let it be as far as a new piece. What would I be saying?

So I've worked through an idea by using some inexpensive watercolor paint and cheap watercolor paper instead of the real paints and fabrics. A good thing.

Today I got outside to work in my gardens for about 1.5 hours. My landscaper neighbors tore all the groundcover juniper from a bed (8'x15')a couple weeks ago. So I'm turning over the bare dirt, clearing some of the weeds and moving some plants up into the area. It's a good 1 month project, but atleast I've got a start on it. Pictures when it's further along.

Katy (my black lab) is all healed from her plastic surgery and feeling feisty. I'ts amazing how good she looks!!

quiz del giorno

Yep, this sounds like me... and the pizza I eat.

Everything Pizza

Diverse and adaptable
You enjoy the full buffet of life
It's hard for you to play favorites with friends... or flavors
There's very little that you dislike!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wednesday Sunset, a secret told,

Here is a shot of our sunset last night. A storm is rolling in (again),
so it will be a few days until I see this sight repeated. I'm trying to regularly take the sunset from the house this year. This will let me see how far the sun moves. I know in mid-summer the sun will be setting off this picture to the right.
While I was out taking the sunset, I spotted the colors through this bare liquidamber (sweet gum) tree. Yeah, I played it with a bit in Picasa... but isn't it rather wonderful? I love photos of bare tree limbs.

Today I'm taking a break from handwork. I will pull out some of the ideas for my next painted piece and continue them on paper. Watercolor painting! Working in a different (kind of) medium.

And here I am going to admit something. At WoolfCamp, the other attendees introduced me to Flickr. I have had a negative reaction to the flickering images on people's blogs, so I have avoided using the site. I'm trying to get a bit comfortable with it (why, I'm not sure) but I'm going to whisper a secret to you all:
I don't really like Flickr.

Nope. You won't see a badge on my blog, even with a stationary picture. I may someday come to tolerate using Flickr for some things.. but I don't think I will ever be a Flickr fan. I do not find using it "intuitive"; I have to think too hard to figure out how to do something and their "help faq" isn't any help. It seems to me that it is just another way to lose time online.

Ya know just admitting this makes me feel better.

What online "hot thing" do you secretly feel no love for?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pajaro Pictures

I mentioned that last weekend we were down by Monterey on a Pickle Retreat. Actually, we were about 4 miles south of Santa Cruz on a quiet part of the bay called Pajaro Dunes. And although Julie Z. mentioned that there was snow on the beach at Santa Cruz, we didn't see it where we were. I even went walking on the beach barefoot!! But I thought I'd share a few photos:

Obviously it was stormy this weekend. That spit of land in the distance is Santa Cruz and those clouds became a storm a couple hours later.

The stormy weather meant there were plenty high waves. And this trip? No surfers!! (sigh).

Another shot of the clouds coming in from the west.

On my walk on Saturday we spotted this log that washed up in Friday's storm. Interesting at a distance....

I really loved the way it looked up close!

Looking at my pictures, you'd never know I spent 4 days with 10 other women, would you? One of them spent the weekend "practicing" taking pictures of us; she said she needs to learn how to take good pictures of people. I simply DON'T take pictures of people. Don't like to look at them, so I don't like to take them. (hmm... what does that say about me?)

Asking for a little help

This is Diaspora. I put this all up on New Year's Day, but never finished fusing it until this morning. And I've run into a small problem:

I need a few more squares of the orange/orange red pieces for the lower left hand corner.

This was made with pieces a friend had left from a Melody Johnson workshop, so these are Melody's hand dyes.

Does anyone have a piece about 1" x 8" somewhere in the orange/orange red/red range that they can spare? I thought I had more stuffed away in a drawer somewhere, but I can't put my hands on it at the moment. Below is a fuzzy closeup to give a better hint of the colors I need. NOT the yellow square.. just the smaller red/orange stuff.

UPDATE: I found my stuff and have enough to finish it!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

They Like It!!

Just got an email from Anne Copeland who IS Fiberarts Connection of Southern Cal. and she likes Spheres of Influence!! Wheewh!! I know she wouldn't send it back and tell me it's a piece of crap... but still, I had that "daydream" occasionally. Now I want to get on with more pieces!!

YES, I'm working on the next design.

Katy had some minor surgery yesterday, so I'm acting as nurse this week. She has a genetic condition that caused half her lower eyelids to roll into her eyes. The lashes would stick on her cornea, irritating things and making her eyes water all the time. So yesterday she got an eye tuck.

Fortunately, she doesn't have a whole lot of recovery for this surgery: an e collar for a couple days, and some salve in her eyes for a week. Still, she's awkward with the collar on, and probably a bit uncomfortable.
(edited 2 pm.)
ToDo Tuesday: Finish Laundry (done); walk the dogs (done); continue the handwork on 4 Conversations (done this week.)

Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm recovering..

The weekend away was (surprisingly) wonderful! Very few of the personality clashes that make we always rethink if I want to go away. Don't know if it was the time of year or what. But I'm recovering still.

So, to keep you entertained, I will brag that:

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 9/10 correct!

I even think I know which question I missed!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Going... going... gone

I'm off with my Pickle Girlfriends for a long weekend together at the beach down by Monterey. Weather reports say it will be raining all the time, but let's hope for breaks.

I'll be offline until late Sunday. So simple notes for the week:

-Got the errors on this blog down to 77 or so... (from over 100). I'm packing the printout with the list of errors, and the laptop so I can choose to make more corrections.

-Got Spheres sent to Anne Copeland.

-So glad to see Michael Kors offer Daniel V. a job! I hope Daniel takes him up on it; he could learn a lot working with that staff.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Michelangelo Project

Ok. This is simple. I'm working on the template for this site, so things may look ugly before they look pretty.

But I have hope.

Or I'm insane

We should know within a week which it is.

So I'm spending all my spare time staring at this screen, but you might not see a thing.

What I WILL ask you. If you can't read the information in the center panel, look over on the right hand side panel, and EMAIL ME. Tell me:

What Operating system you use. (windows xp, windows whatever, Mac, version #.. whatever. )

What browser you are using: Netscape x.x (well fill in the numbers), Firefox version, MSIE version number.. etc.) Opera.. the browser and the version. (ok, a geeky giggle: Instead of writing Opera, I originally wrote Oprah. I am sick.)

What size display you have. 800x600; 1024x768; 1280x600; 1280x768. Whatever...

In the meantime, go to FRENCH TOAST GIRL and do The Michelangelo Project.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I think I'm listing...

This past weekend, I wrote a piece for BlogHer about the lists on blogs. Looking at my own, I don't have any!! I do occasionally write an entry that's a list of thing to accomplish, no other lists extant on the page. I want to change that.

Now I could have:
  • a weekly To Do list broken into catagories (art, blogging, home stuff, menus). Then cross them off as they're done. (yawn...)
  • random and various lists (books, music, movies, tv shows, etc) as a blogpost.
  • a list of books I've read.
  • a cool idea from Lisa Stone: A list of The Ten Things I'd Do If I Won the Lottery. (nobody says you have to win to begin on the list...)
  • a cool idea like Keri Smith's 100 things, or her 10 Ways
  • a list of quilt shows I want to enter, including dates and notes if I made it or not. ooo. publicly holding my feet to the fire!
Think there is some potential here...

For Monday:

Make A List...

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Now This is Embellishment

From PAM's blog, Nerd's Eye View, a photo of some costumes at the Fasching (Carnival) celebration near her home in Austria.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Time On My Hands...

While getting ready this morning, I was thinking about what Lisa Call wrote:
There seem to be trends in quilt making and this show ( Miniature Art Textiles: Dallas) is fairly representational of what I feel is currently "hot" in quilting today: collage applique, surface design with dyes/paints/etc, image transfer, text, “content”, and embellishment. When I look at the catalog for quilt national 2005 I see about the same things.
I get the impression looking at a lot of these pieces that, while there is thought in the design, the actual work is relatively quick. Paint or stamp or bleach or fuse or screen. Rinse and repeat until complete. Stitch together densely by machine. Not that it's a bad thing!

Is a perception that one needs to produce a largish "body of work" behind this trend? (this sounds like a discussion on the QuiltArt list every x months). Much of the work could be done in another fashion: careful piecing, needleturned applique to construct the pieces. Embroidery to create the surface images.

All these would be slower more demanding methods of working. Fewer pieces of work out there. The pieces, too, would be very different. Is this a good thing? Or just a different thing?

Would they be equally received?

Can one DO the other work now and still stand toe-to-toe with today's "trends" ? Lisa has decided that the trends do not effect her work. She does what she does irregardless of trends. She is established, though.

I do not have much of any "established reputation" , but I also don't have much of a desire to follow the current trend, exactly.

So if I (for example) took a graphic design that might be done with a silkscreen.. and instead marked it and did it with a variety of hand embroidery stitches, would "people" (Ok, read "show jury", "show judge" and ultimately "buyers") accept it? Or would those "people" think: not in the current vein?

This work takes on a very different look. More 3-D texture. Can I choose to take my own path and hope that the work stands up against the trend? Guess I will have to find out, because I would love to experiment more with this idea. Then I remembered this pronouncement of one of my goals for this year:
-I love texture in pieces brought about my dense machine and hand stitching, weaving, embroidery and encrustation. I will seek out places to use this for emphasis. (practice more to develop my own "stitch vocabulary" first.)

Apparently, I've been thinking about this for a very long time.

The last couple days and all of next week, I'll be working on pieces that need hand work. At the moment, it's a piece I started at AQT last fall; I'm adding hand embroidery to it to emphasize and adhere the lines of the silk. I expect there won't be a lot of time online... so I may be quiet.

But I'll be thinking. And you, lucky readers, get to hash out (that is, comment on)the stuff that I disgorge through my fingertips.

See what trouble my mind gets into while hands are otherwise occupied?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thinking Like a Blogger

"Scheherazade" from Stay of Execution took time today to write A Few Unsorted Thoughts. I hadn't seen anything from her in a while, but she sucked me in with her first paragraph:
Taking a break from blogging actually shifted the way I hold onto thoughts, so for some reason a lot of the small thoughts that blow into my mind and turn into posts are just blowing right on through right now. I'm not just out of the habit of writing, I'm out of the habit of thinking like a blogger.Hard to explain.

Do we end up thinking differently when we begin to blog?

Are thoughts that can "blow right through without being shared" really necessary to share at all? If so, why?

I think that the thoughts we choose to share with the world make up a pattern that can reveal us more significantly than many other activities; however, that's just my personal observation. So I'm putting this out there for all of you.

What is the value of the thoughts we share with the world?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wednesday's Ways

Got a lot done today... less in the studio than I wished, but a whole lot done. The weather today was nice, but it's apparent a front is moving in.

Anyway, today.

First. I think it's cruel to wake up an hour early and then try to do yoga with a body that hasn't quite adjusted to being out of bed. Still I woke up near 6 am., and thought: what the hell? Let's give BREATHE (the yoga show on Oxygen) a try. I lasted for about 6 up/down dogs with some other stretches thrown in. About 5 minutes. So next time I'm awake early.. I have a goal to aim for: 6 minutes!

After breakfast, checking emails, blogs, groups etc., took the dogs for a nice 3 mile walk.

Home and talked to the neighbors about some work they will be doing in my yard this week. We have a garden bed planted with a spreading juniper. I'm allergic to juniper. But, lucky me! my neighbor owns a landscape company, and they will be tearing out the bushes for me this week.
it's out of there, I can till in some compost and move my butterfly/hummingbird garden up to the larger space. Then more veggies in the lower beds.

So I emptied my fairly cooked compost tumbler, reloaded it from the box composter. From now until November I will be doing this every 2 months. Happy, happy garden beds.

After a nap (I got up early, remember)... I prepped a small piece for it's inital quilting. I know that the piece needs something more.. this is a good beginning but kind of lacking in any meaning. But I'll stitch it up and something will speak to me. That's all ready to begin tomorrow morning. (that Twyla hint to leave something ready to do at the end of the day).

Speaking of Twyla... yes, we were!!... I gave Steve her book to read over his year end vacationtime. He's a researcher.. which is a different kind of creative.. and I thought he'd understand her work ethic. I haven't seen the book since. Last night I asked him where it was. He's been handing it around to folks at work that he thought might get something out of it!!

Thursday: rain predicted. Begin quilting the small piece.