Sunday, March 05, 2006

I think I'm listing...

This past weekend, I wrote a piece for BlogHer about the lists on blogs. Looking at my own, I don't have any!! I do occasionally write an entry that's a list of thing to accomplish, no other lists extant on the page. I want to change that.

Now I could have:
  • a weekly To Do list broken into catagories (art, blogging, home stuff, menus). Then cross them off as they're done. (yawn...)
  • random and various lists (books, music, movies, tv shows, etc) as a blogpost.
  • a list of books I've read.
  • a cool idea from Lisa Stone: A list of The Ten Things I'd Do If I Won the Lottery. (nobody says you have to win to begin on the list...)
  • a cool idea like Keri Smith's 100 things, or her 10 Ways
  • a list of quilt shows I want to enter, including dates and notes if I made it or not. ooo. publicly holding my feet to the fire!
Think there is some potential here...

For Monday:

Make A List...

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