Monday, March 20, 2006

Humph!! And double Humph!!

I have spent time for the last three days working in one of my garden beds. A couple weeks ago my goodly neighbor and landscaper had some of his workers tear out all the spreading juniper in this bed: 8' x 20' give or take. They carried the torn up bushes behind our fence (but still on our property) to eventually compost and left me a bed of a few bushes and lots of bare ground.

No. That isn't why I'm humphing. I paid them to do it.

I spent this past weekend single-digging the dirt. It's mainly poor clay, kind of stony, so a total waste to double dig. I'm sore but happy at my accomplishment.

No. That isn't why I'm humphing, either. But muscles all over my body are awake for the first time in months.

This next week, I'll add some quality soil amendments. Still no humph.

While working on Saturday, I listened to the music on my MP3 player. Good music, I was compelled to sing along frequently. At one point I was accompanying MeatLoaf's Paradise By the Dashboard Light. (not my key, btw)..and Steve signalled for me to take off my earphones. Then he tells me:

Don't quit your day job!


Ofcourse, I quickly retorted:

What day job??

Now for the Double Humph: A file server on Blogger has been funky for the last few days. If my blog looked really strange, it's because of the problems they've had with that. If my blog has looked particulary strange, that's the reason. Hopefully the fix they implemented this morning takes.

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