Monday, March 27, 2006

Use What You Have... or a Stash Only Crafty Month...

When a great idea appears, it's hard to ignore.

On March 15th, Simple Sparrow took a pledge that for the month of April, she would Use What She Had.
I was searching through my piles of fabrics and such, I kept coming across things I had bought and forgotten I had. It was a lot actually. I thought this is wasteful. Oh yes, someday I'll use it. Will I really? I just keep stacking more and more stuff on top. With that said, I want to challenge myself, for the month of April, to create only from the things I already have. No buying supplies. Nope. I want to use up some of this lovely fabric, trims, ribbons,yarn, thrifted sweaters etc...that I already have. Just for one month. Would anyone like to join me?
Within days, 60 people have taken the pledge, a button has been created, and a flickr support group has been created.

While this is a fabulous challenge for the Arts/Crafts folks, I'm wondering how we might expand this for everyone?

have cans and boxes of foods that sounded good in the store, yet remain in my pantry. Can I find the enthusiasm that caused me to pick them up in the first place and (gasp) use them?

Read the books I've purchased instead of just buying more?

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