Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wednesday's Ways

Got a lot done today... less in the studio than I wished, but a whole lot done. The weather today was nice, but it's apparent a front is moving in.

Anyway, today.

First. I think it's cruel to wake up an hour early and then try to do yoga with a body that hasn't quite adjusted to being out of bed. Still I woke up near 6 am., and thought: what the hell? Let's give BREATHE (the yoga show on Oxygen) a try. I lasted for about 6 up/down dogs with some other stretches thrown in. About 5 minutes. So next time I'm awake early.. I have a goal to aim for: 6 minutes!

After breakfast, checking emails, blogs, groups etc., took the dogs for a nice 3 mile walk.

Home and talked to the neighbors about some work they will be doing in my yard this week. We have a garden bed planted with a spreading juniper. I'm allergic to juniper. But, lucky me! my neighbor owns a landscape company, and they will be tearing out the bushes for me this week.
it's out of there, I can till in some compost and move my butterfly/hummingbird garden up to the larger space. Then more veggies in the lower beds.

So I emptied my fairly cooked compost tumbler, reloaded it from the box composter. From now until November I will be doing this every 2 months. Happy, happy garden beds.

After a nap (I got up early, remember)... I prepped a small piece for it's inital quilting. I know that the piece needs something more.. this is a good beginning but kind of lacking in any meaning. But I'll stitch it up and something will speak to me. That's all ready to begin tomorrow morning. (that Twyla hint to leave something ready to do at the end of the day).

Speaking of Twyla... yes, we were!!... I gave Steve her book to read over his year end vacationtime. He's a researcher.. which is a different kind of creative.. and I thought he'd understand her work ethic. I haven't seen the book since. Last night I asked him where it was. He's been handing it around to folks at work that he thought might get something out of it!!

Thursday: rain predicted. Begin quilting the small piece.

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