Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Feather Duster Crown

The Featherdust Crown
Ok, so my fabulous hat might look like a chicken died from an explosion in a mylar streamer factory. I'm sure before I purchased it from Good Will, it was some woman's much cherished "Sunday-Go-To-Meeting" Hat. Is it proper that the spouser has apparently relagated it to the status of "feather duster crown"??


However, it is hysterical!!

Tomorrow we are re-instituting our New Year's Day Open House. So today, I finish cleaning and start cooking. Plans for the week:

Sunday: work out, dust, vacuum, bake.
Monday: organize, then play hostess. Later watch the bowl games.
Tuesday: work out with Guido, trip to Ikea.
Wednesday: work out, do a major organizing of work room.
Thursday: dr. appt., workout with Guido, dr. appt. Prep for BlogHer Learn to Knit party.
Friday: Continue reorganizing and prep for L2K.
Sunday: workout, down to Oakland for L2K.

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

NOT Resolutions.

Deb and her fantastic hat
This photo was taken by Liz last February at Woolfcamp. Just found it again. Isn't that a fabulously funky hat?? Wait until I show you who was wearing it this week!


I am not making New Year's Resolutions, as those often seem to be unlikely goals at which we give ourselves permission to fail. Instead, this year I am making affirmations:


-get strong physically. It helps me feel healthy.

-control the "siren song" of the laptop and the tv. (I'll admit it, I'm
addicted, but more later)

-get out among people more (volunteer? work?) .

-continue working on my writing.

-learn photoshop.

-get back into the workroom.

In the couple months that I've been regularly going to the gym, I've noticed a lot fewer aches and pains, and generally a more positive mental outlook. OK.. there were a couple truly miserable weeks back there, but hopefully I'm over them.

But I just realized something else this week. When I walk in the door, the girl at the desk bounces up to take my card, smiles and greets me by name. She is genuinely happy to see me. My trainer smiles and greets me by name. He evens care the minor surgery I'll be having in a couple weeks.

I've missed this kind of interaction with other human beings. I am way too isolated in my life and need to find some way to increase this. I think the loneliness is a key in both my computer addiction and my depression. Ya'll are great.. the comments are nice. But, sorry, this just isn't enough. I can't look you all in the eyes.

And I just don't have a clue how to change things.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Great News To Start the New Year...

Great News to Start the New Year!!

Rayna's class at Art Quilt Claremont is a GO!! I will get to spend to 5 days playing with one of my favorite bloggers!! And Gerrie (another of my favorite bloggers) will be there, too.

I'm getting my bad toe fixed after the first of the year, working hard at getting fit, and this will be one of my first rewards!!

Happy dance, all around.

Oh yeah... while this photo is necessarily a sunset, it was the one that came the closest to looking like the start of fresh new day.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

And the Roller Coaster Ride Seems Explained

I do things seasonally (not necessarily that I really want to...) to such a point that I can normally schedule my life around expectations. This season I seem to be tracking about a month early.

My November cold-that-turns-into-2-months-of-bronchitis? I got it in October. Normally at the moment I'd be hackin up a soggy lung.. but not this year.

My January I-hate-the-world-seasonal-depression? I think that's what's been dragging my down this month. And I might have turned the corner.

Today the sun it out (though it is windy enough to blow me over). After sewing for an hour this morning, I spent a half-hour on the rowing machine at the gym. I came home as the beta-endorphins kicked in and was giddy to pop the top on the Spouser's convertible and take it for a ride. He didn't share my wacky enthusiasm. Probably for the best. It is really gusty out.

So my prescription to myself: get sunlight on my skin and in my eyes whenever it makes an appearance. And, though I hate it while I'm doing it, get exercise whenever I can. And remember to embrace the giddy.

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Will You Dulaan??

The twin Mongolian boys in this photo are sharing one jacket and sporting brand new hats knit by someone in North America. These warm items were distributed by relief volunteers this past fall as part of The Dulaan Project, 2006. This project was formed as a way for Ryan over at Mossy Cottage Knits to knit more and do good. Ryan wrote:
Dulaan is a cooperative effort of the Flagstaff International Relief Effort (F.I.R.E., 501c3), Mossy Cottage Knits, and the Kunzang Palyul Chöling (KPC) Buddhist community of Poolesville, Maryland. Dulaan (which is Mongolian for “warm”) is dedicated to helping the struggling and impoverished children and adults of Mongolia. Due to economic and political upheaval, unusual and disastrous weather conditions which have devastated the nomads’ livestock herds, and “normal” weather conditions which frequently reach -40 degrees in the winter, there are many children who live in heating ducts below the capital city of Ulaan Bataar, and adults who scavenge through garbage heaps to survive.
This past year, they gathered more than 12,085 items and distributed and the pictures are in. Some will warm your heart while others will break it. Cuzzin Tom, the photographer, pointed out that these were taken when temperatures were already as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cuzzin's written reaction:
"In general, I was so moved by the knitted items I saw. So skillfully
made, some individually wrapped, some with home-made tags. It was a
sheer joy to give them away. I mean this. We gave tons of stuff to
maybe 40 families that day; Meredith will have the country-wide total,
but the Dulaanettes have touched so many lives. I tried to explain to
each one that these were gifts of friendship. Almost everyone got a
hat, scarf, kids all got sweaters, many got scarves and mittens, great
stuff for babies (some pregnant ladies were thrilled). Old folks and
little ones got felt blankets. You all made a difference. A big one."
The Dulaan Project, 2007, is open now. The goal this year is to provide 12,086 items; many participants this year are pledging to make at least 5 items. Visit the site for patterns and more information.

photo credit:Cuzzin Tom .
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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

If you've seen my regular photos of the Marin hills from my back yard, this is an example of the same view when winter weather comes in. Yep, those are the peaks of the hills peaking out of the mist.

I'd take the weather in the photo right now. We're having wind gusts, oh I'd guess upwards of 40 MPH, and rain. While the news emphasized the rain (a likely 2") this wind is a surprise.

We spent a very quiet 25th. Steve cleaning the upstairs, me searching for recipes for appetizers. Finger foods, only.. no dips. We went cruising for an open restaurant and, while the story goes that you eat Chinese food on the 25th we had to settle for Chevy's fresh Mex.

One of my goals for this week: touch some fabric and sew for about atleast 8 hours.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

God Bless Us Everyone...

We went out the other night to look at the holiday lights; my camera has a "fireworks" feature so I took it along to play. However, the shutter speed is slow enough that one really needs a tripod. Still...with a tripod I wouldn't have gotten this shot.

I am definitely in some kind of seasonal slump. During the day I may think about things bloggable, but I haven't come in to write anything. I'm not even reading many blogs (apologies for my lack of commenting.) If I were stitching a storm, that would make it quite OK, but I'm slumpy. Though I am getting some cleaning done.

I've found that some exercise and fresh air helps... and getting a full night's sleep, too. If I'm not fine in a few days, I'll talk to the doctor about other options: light therapy?

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Is this thing working??

Paw As Still Life
Paw As Still Life

Ok, I've tried to comment on several people's blog just now, with absolutely no luck. (Deb L. although I can't see your photos.. get the extra paint!!). So my question is:

Is this thing working?

I posted a photo "Paw As Still Life" at the beginning of this post. Can you see it?
And below is a photo I've uploaded using Blogger (though I don't think I will again.. and I'm not sure I like this accepting another TOS to Picasa Web Album or whatever it is.. but this is a test). It's Katy hanging out on the deck Can you see this one??

Can you comment on this blog?? (Ok, maybe not applicable because it's HaloScan). Can you comment on Deb's Daily Distractions ??

The Kim Family Benefit Auction


The online auction to benefit the Kim Family is up and running. Over forty artists have donated items which you will be able to bid on from 1/3/2007 until 1/7/2007. All of the proceeds will benefit the Kim Family Fund.

Auction items are beginning to be highlighted on the blog.  So you can have your own personal preview party whenever you wish.  Of the items shown already, I'll be keeping an eye on:

I'm sure there will even more items to add to my list before the auction opens on January 3rd.

image credit: the Kim Family Auction. Crossposted at BlogHer.
Debra Roby blogs her art at A Stitch in Time and her life at Deb's Daily Distractions .

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ok, I'll Play...

DebR. (NO, not me.. the other DebR...) posted a couple quizzes about what Chinese zodiac animal she both IS and SHOULD BE.

You Were Born Under:

You have both a fiery energy and a warm heart.
Your charisma and charm makes it easy for you to influence others.
Lucky in life, you also have a reputation of being lucky in love.
Power hungry, you are determined to get what you want - no matter what it takes.

You are most compatible with a Monkey or Rat.

Ok, I've know I was a Dragon and that Dragons were lucky... but Power hungry? Determined?? Fierce Energy? Why doesn't this sound like me?

You Should Have Been Born Under:

You've got a ton of energy - and need plenty of room to roam.
You tend to follow your whims, and it's hard for you to stick to one thing.
Specific jobs, loves, and friends are always changing and never a part of your life for long.
Very intuitive, you tend to know what people are thinking before they say a word.

You are most compatible with a Dog or Tiger.

Yeah.. this really does sound more like me. So what year should I have been born in??

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday Cheers

It's cool, dampish, overcast and threatening to rain here. So this morning we ran a couple errands before choosing to hunker down for a couple days and let the weather blow by.

First stop was the Farmer's Market. I picked up some winter veggies (fresh picked Brussel sprouts! Yum), while the spouser got some nuts and oranges. Seemed like a bit of drive for as little time as we spent there. Don't know why, the spouser doesn't seem willing to look at a lot of the stuff and discuss what might be used in meals during the week. Oh well, if I get up to the Davis Farmer's Marker, I'll leave the spouser behind.

Second stop was the library. I've begun reading Building Harlequin's Moon, a novel about a spaceship way-laid on it's journey to build a new life on a new planet. In order to achieve their intended goal, they must terraform an unplanned planet: Harlequin's Moon.

I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for these terraforming novels. I am just getting into BHM, but I realized what I wanted before continuing was to resample Red Mars. If you haven't read it, it's a tasty, detailed novel about forming a new world; not simply the science and engineering involved in the physical building but also about the political and social decisions that effect the society's success. I don't need to read the whole thing again, though I may. But I have a hankering for the story of settling, the beginning of terraforming.

I didn't think I'd gotten rid of my set of the trilogy, but I can't find them around the house. Fortunately, the library has all three.. including a larger print version of Red Mars. Good. Less eye strain in these darker days.

If you like well written scifi about society building.. I highly recommend Kim Stanley Robinson's trilogy. Especially Red Mars (the first book). I'll let you know if the BHM stands up too.

This afternoon I stitched some more on the ArtShare stuff (photos... eventually).

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday Fussing...

Today has been a little bit of everything, but not much remarkable.

This morning was my annual physical; I passed with flying colors though I'm personally not thrilled with the direction my cholesterol is headed. Re-test in 3 months; and if it's not improved increase the meds. For me, Lipitor is a good thing!!

While I was getting poked and prodded, the spouser picked up his new Eos. So appropriately we took a drive up to one of our favorite restaurants: Athenian Grill up in Suisin. We kept the top down until we had to get on the freeway; at 50F it was just a bit nippy for driving top down at 65F. We started playing with the bells and whistles. I discovered a warmed seat can be quite a good thing! His salesman suggested that putting the seat on high might cook supper on the drive home!

Our lunch was a meze plate each, and I allowed myself a small piece of baklava for dessert. We watched reservists practice their touch-n-gos with those honking huge cargo planes while we ate (Suisin is near Travis AFB). Fine lunch.

An afternoon of puttering around the house and cooking a pot of weekend chili and I'm ready to sit down with a needle and some embroidery floss and play with my ArtShare stuff.

Tomorrow? Sewing...

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday's Thoughts

Well, it's been a day. Can't say it's been really productive; but it's been. My plan when my feet hit the floor this morning, was to spend the morning clearing off the tables in my work room so that I might set up my borrowed sewing machine and (gasp) get some work done.

Please note: Sharon wrote about this last month, and I'm trying to take her advice to heart. That why I'm trying to use the specific term work room. Sharon wrote (incase you missed it):
I have a space in which I work. If you want to shift what you do from a recreational activity to a creative practice claim time and space in your life to do it. I have a room in which I step into and close the door. I call it a workroom as that is what goes on in there. Creative activity is playful but it is also work. Play in our culture is not taken seriously it is something that can be interrupted, something that can be set to one side and something that is never prioritised. Work is prioritised. Constantly referring to creative activity as play undermines what actually goes on and what is achieved. If you want other people to take your creative achievements seriously you must take the process seriously, and allocate an area in which to work.
I got my coffee, fed the dogs and the next thing I knew it was noon. So much for the resolution.. but it's a habit that I'm just trying to form. What happened to the morning? I do not know. Wish I CCTV in my house so I could find out.

Anyway, noon came and brought with it the sun. Briefly. So of course I took advantage to get the dogs out for a walk. And today IS a gym visit. So with the dogs exercised, I headed out to get myself seriously sweaty.

Gabrielle blogged a lot last year (when she simply blogged a lot) about great rowing machine. Now the one at the gym isn't her super-duper model... but that doesn't stop me from using it three times a week. I swear it really is a super machine. If you're stuck and not as firm as you'd wish, or not plateaued at losing weight and you haven't sat down on one of these wonders, DO.

I did 15 minutes of work, then was getting bored. Not wanting to quit completely and too early ("the mind quits before the body does"... I channelled Guido's warning).. I stopped and did my stability exercises then got back on the rower for another 15 minutes. I was sweaty and exercised and feeling great.

Home to do some errands and start on the work room. It was barely a beginning. Tomorrow, before and following a doctor's appointment, I will do much more.

Inspired by Mrs. Mel, I tried to roast a lemony chicken. My lemons are quite large, so I wedged one and stuck several pieces in the cavity of the bird. Other thinner slices were slid under the skin to baste the meat while it cooked. Still, barely a hint of lemon. Yeah, I know that American's Test Kitchen has a great way to make lemon chicken. I must look that up.

Yeah, after I finish cleaning up that work room.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday Catch-Up

The recipe yesterday sounded so good, and it was damp and cool.. so I made it for supper last night. Kind of. I had several cans of beans, so I substituted the canned for the dried. Cut down the cooking time to a total of about 1.5 hours. This is the pot just before it went into the oven. Note that I don't have really great casserole pot (my clay pot broke a while ago). It was yummy even so, but different than I remember this dish being. Why? I don't know.

On the creative front, my friend Karen lent me a back-up sewing machine.. another Pfaff 7550 just like the one I have in the shop. So this afternoon I will be able to continue working on my napkin bags!

And on the fitness front: I've lost a pound this week.. and a full 7.75" since I began working out! I personally attribute a lot of this to my current fondness for the rowing machine.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Recipe Exchange...

Have many of you gotten an email about participating in a recipe exchange? It only has two names on the list, so it's not overwhelming to deal with.

I got my email from Gerrie and have been trying to remember to send my recipe on to Mrs. Mel. I finally decided last night to send her my Five Kind Casserole.. a slow cooking wintery delight. But I didn't want to limit that recipe sharing to only one person... I have to write it out afterall! So, I decided to post it here.

This is a fabulous dish for a cold dreary winter night, served with a grainy mustard and a nice glass of beer. If you have a clay pot, that is the best thing to cook this in, but any very heavy oven-proof casserole will work.

Five Kinds Casserole

1/2# dried kidney or navy beans
6 carrots, peeled and cut into 1.5" pieces
2 onions, sliced
4C water
2 green apples, peeled, cored and sliced
6 potatoes, peeled and sliced
1 Polish style smoked sausage

(do you see? It's meat and 5 different things...)

Rinse the beans and in a pot with the carrots, onions and water. Cover and put in a cold oven. Turn the oven to 450 and bake for 1.5 hours. Add apples, potatoes and sausage, stirring into the beans mix. Then cook for another hour or so until the beans are done but not falling apart.

The sausage flavors the dish, and the apples give it a nice hint of sweetness. I occasionally get creative and add other root vegetables to this, usually replacing some of the potatoes. No. I don't then change the name to Six Kinds or whatever...

If you haven't yet received an email from someone and would love to participate in this email exchange, just leave me a message and I'll add you to my list. (please!!!)

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Good Tidings Challenge...

NO. I would not suggest a fiber challenge to run this time of year. This is something totally different.

It's 2 weeks until Christmas, and this is one of the most challenging times of the year for many. People are stressed, tired, and over-scheduled.

Now I've blogged before the niceties of simple interactions and from this comes my challenge:

I'd like to ask you all to give this a try.

Whenever you are out and about (shopping, running errands, going to the gym, work.. EVERYWHERE):

FIRST: concentrate on having a calm, unstressed appearance. Unfurl that brow, relax those lips, and soften your eyes.

Second: whenever you have the opportunity (and LOOK for them) look another individual in the eye and smile. Just a quick simple smile. If you have to time, say "good morning..." or the appropriate greeting. Leave it holiday neutral... just hello, good morning, whatever. More time? say something nice: I love that your umbrella matches your sweatshirt. (yeah, I said that one today, so it's fresh).

Then, blog back about how people react. In the past, I've noticed people standing up straighter, smiling and relaxing and become for just a moment more human. Less so this past week. Don't know if it's me or what.

So let's all truly spread some good tidings.

Whatcha think?

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

I haven't blogged since Thursday morning? Shame on me! However, Thursday brought me some good mail, and I've been a bit distracted.

In one fell swoop, the mailman delivered the new Quilting Arts and my new camera. Here's I'm checking out how the camera works. This was taken at dusk without a flash.

Along with the QA are the projects I'm working on for the ArtShare thing. More about those later.

Saturday my friend Clara accompanied me on my errand to drop my Pfaff off for a service. We hit two quilt shops (buying a little something-something in each) and ate bbq for lunch. Fun few hours were had by all. When I got home, I watched all three of the NetFlix movies I had one right after another. It was a biography kind of day: The Sketches of Frank Gehry; The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio; and Mrs. Henderson Presents. All were good inspiration and background stuff.

Today I'm cleaning and getting the house put back together before the spouser arrives home from Europe. Oh, and getting my NFL fill!! I switched over to the blogger.beta.. since they were hinting that we would all soon be switched over and they finally came to my spot in the list. Over the next week I'll be playing with making the blog a bit more "custom".. but I'm sad to see that they still haven't come up with a widget to put a photo in the header.

I know.. Brenda offered to fix one up for me (I do not have PhotoShop or know of a way to size a photo and add the title.), but other blog hosts have started the ability for it all be done in their widgets... which would let me change the header a lot more often. Like monthly or quarterly.
Maybe that's still coming in Blogger.. we shall see.

And why, tell me please, do websites no longer remember my login stuff so I need to log in every time I go there? It happened when I upgraded my Firefox.. so I'm thinking this is a problem from them.

And poo... this switch to blogger beta has eliminated the automatic addition of technorati tags to my posts. I'll be curious to see if the "labels" they use will translate into technorati tags, but I doubt it.
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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sewing/ArtShare Set Back

Holiday Colors, Naturally Made. Part of the Sidewalk Series.

There is a major set back in the sewing I need to do to complete my Artshare pieces. The timing/adjustments on my sewing machine are off. It needs a trip into the shop for it's cleaning and adjustment. Usually that takes about a week or two to come home.


But I cannot get a balanced stitch and loopy stitching ain't pretty or artistic (unless it's intended to be.) So patience shall be virtue for the month. I've gotten a few of these stitched to the point that I do some embroidery and beading on them... but not the detailed background stitching I had hoped to add.

I repeat. Darn.

This morning, it's off the gym, run to the bank, stop at Staples and then run out to the Sewing Machine shop. Home to walk the dogs and organize the non-machine dependant parts of the project to work on.

And with any luck, my new camera is delivered today!!

AAACK!! I awoke this morning with the national news using the words "Lake Effect Snow" for Cleveland. I moved here from that snowbelt... and these three words are ones I never want to hear agin.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Crafting A Loss

Kati Kim, recently rescued from the Oregon wilderness, is the owner of Doe, a lower Haight "little department store"; in that role, she is one of the strongest supporters of the art+craft movement that has developed in the last several years. So she knows many of the great art+craft bloggers and they know her family.

During the drama of the last two weeks, crafters have been blogging about the family, noting their missing status, rejoicing with the Kati and her daughters being found, and mourning James's loss.

While the family was missing, Lisa Congdon summed up the helplessness:
we both know kati. we have pinched sabine's fat cheeks. we both expected to chat with kati this week. we are having a hard time focusing.

all i can do is hope and pray and go about my life as usual.

laundry. sweeping. washing the dishes.

:: :: ::

be well, friends. be safe.
After Kati and her daughters were found, Alicia from Posie Gets Cosy wrote:
The world seems small when people from all around it are connected by their collective hope, but so enormously big when one is still lost. We continue to hope and pray for James's safe return.
Today everyone is in shock. Adorneya's post is typical of the day:
My heart breaks for the whole family, but mostly for Kati. She and James worked so hard and did everything right to protect their children. They deserved a happy ending.
Steph of Little Birds Handmade (and sister to Lisa) eloquently wrote:


I am incredibly sad that James did not survive. May his family and friends find some peace. May all of us find some peace.

{I know that many of you would like to do something to help the Kim family. My sister, mom and I are trying to organize some sort of art/craft fundraiser. We will keep you updated.}

Gerrie has promised to let me know as soon they have firmed up the plans for this fundraiser. In the mean time, hold your family close and travel safely this holiday season.

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What... no Artshare Still??

Another snippet from my "Sidewalk Series" of photos.
Yeah, I know. I promised you pictures of my ArtShare project stuff on Monday... and still there are none.

Well, I've been cutting and stitching and turning and designing. I'm soon to grab the buttons and beads and fancy threads. OH.. and I got carried away with my options, so I'm making something like a baker's dozen of similar pieces. Sorry.

So the pictures will come. In fact, I'm trying to remember to take photos throughout the process... as another tutorial.

How I wish my new camera would be delivered... I could learn all about it while shooting this series. It's due to be delivered this week, and afterward I'm taking this same photo at night.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

For The Crafty Reader...

While this post is about books, it's not about books. Well, not about what's inside them. Penguin book has announced a new series of books, which they will be calling "My Penguin." And I CAN'T WAIT.

Although many people ignore the old chestnut and choose a book by it's cover, Penguin will be publishing these books with a blank front cover.
Printed on art-quality paper, these are books ready to take whatever you can throw at them (and we know, because we've tried), whether it be doodling, painting, penciling, penning or adorning them with whatever takes your fancy.
Helen Conford just announced this last week on the Penguin Book Blog and her excitement is palpable. Imagine.. the company has even opened an online gallery of covers from those who have gotten their hands on early copies and hope that the consumer sends in their completed covers.

The series includes:
  • Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
  • Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • Magic Tales by the Brothers Grimm
  • The Waves by Virginia Woolf
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and
  • Emma by Jane Austen
How would you be decorating your cover? Which masterpiece do you hope they add to the series next because you want to design the cover??

Crime and Punishment cover by Sally McIaren
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Saturday, December 02, 2006

ArtShare MeMe Follow-up

This afternoon, after grocery shopping and walking the dogs, I'm working on my pieces for the ArtShare Meme. Five little pieces that will be finished and ready to mail on Monday. (yeah, there will be pictures on Monday).

So please:

Becky of Unraveling

Arlee who wanted more fun!!

Melanie of Caffinara

Email me with your addresses. Denise, I do have yours.

And since I'm making FIVE.. but only four people commented and followed through... if you comment today under the original rules, I'll add you to list.

Oh look!! Two of my four packages are heading for Canada!

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