Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday Catch-Up

The recipe yesterday sounded so good, and it was damp and cool.. so I made it for supper last night. Kind of. I had several cans of beans, so I substituted the canned for the dried. Cut down the cooking time to a total of about 1.5 hours. This is the pot just before it went into the oven. Note that I don't have really great casserole pot (my clay pot broke a while ago). It was yummy even so, but different than I remember this dish being. Why? I don't know.

On the creative front, my friend Karen lent me a back-up sewing machine.. another Pfaff 7550 just like the one I have in the shop. So this afternoon I will be able to continue working on my napkin bags!

And on the fitness front: I've lost a pound this week.. and a full 7.75" since I began working out! I personally attribute a lot of this to my current fondness for the rowing machine.

Check out my other blog: Deb's Daily Distractions where I'm participating in Holidailies!

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