Wednesday, December 27, 2006

And the Roller Coaster Ride Seems Explained

I do things seasonally (not necessarily that I really want to...) to such a point that I can normally schedule my life around expectations. This season I seem to be tracking about a month early.

My November cold-that-turns-into-2-months-of-bronchitis? I got it in October. Normally at the moment I'd be hackin up a soggy lung.. but not this year.

My January I-hate-the-world-seasonal-depression? I think that's what's been dragging my down this month. And I might have turned the corner.

Today the sun it out (though it is windy enough to blow me over). After sewing for an hour this morning, I spent a half-hour on the rowing machine at the gym. I came home as the beta-endorphins kicked in and was giddy to pop the top on the Spouser's convertible and take it for a ride. He didn't share my wacky enthusiasm. Probably for the best. It is really gusty out.

So my prescription to myself: get sunlight on my skin and in my eyes whenever it makes an appearance. And, though I hate it while I'm doing it, get exercise whenever I can. And remember to embrace the giddy.

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