Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Feather Duster Crown

The Featherdust Crown
Ok, so my fabulous hat might look like a chicken died from an explosion in a mylar streamer factory. I'm sure before I purchased it from Good Will, it was some woman's much cherished "Sunday-Go-To-Meeting" Hat. Is it proper that the spouser has apparently relagated it to the status of "feather duster crown"??


However, it is hysterical!!

Tomorrow we are re-instituting our New Year's Day Open House. So today, I finish cleaning and start cooking. Plans for the week:

Sunday: work out, dust, vacuum, bake.
Monday: organize, then play hostess. Later watch the bowl games.
Tuesday: work out with Guido, trip to Ikea.
Wednesday: work out, do a major organizing of work room.
Thursday: dr. appt., workout with Guido, dr. appt. Prep for BlogHer Learn to Knit party.
Friday: Continue reorganizing and prep for L2K.
Sunday: workout, down to Oakland for L2K.

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