Tuesday, December 26, 2006

If you've seen my regular photos of the Marin hills from my back yard, this is an example of the same view when winter weather comes in. Yep, those are the peaks of the hills peaking out of the mist.

I'd take the weather in the photo right now. We're having wind gusts, oh I'd guess upwards of 40 MPH, and rain. While the news emphasized the rain (a likely 2") this wind is a surprise.

We spent a very quiet 25th. Steve cleaning the upstairs, me searching for recipes for appetizers. Finger foods, only.. no dips. We went cruising for an open restaurant and, while the story goes that you eat Chinese food on the 25th we had to settle for Chevy's fresh Mex.

One of my goals for this week: touch some fabric and sew for about atleast 8 hours.

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