Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday's Thoughts

Well, it's been a day. Can't say it's been really productive; but it's been. My plan when my feet hit the floor this morning, was to spend the morning clearing off the tables in my work room so that I might set up my borrowed sewing machine and (gasp) get some work done.

Please note: Sharon wrote about this last month, and I'm trying to take her advice to heart. That why I'm trying to use the specific term work room. Sharon wrote (incase you missed it):
I have a space in which I work. If you want to shift what you do from a recreational activity to a creative practice claim time and space in your life to do it. I have a room in which I step into and close the door. I call it a workroom as that is what goes on in there. Creative activity is playful but it is also work. Play in our culture is not taken seriously it is something that can be interrupted, something that can be set to one side and something that is never prioritised. Work is prioritised. Constantly referring to creative activity as play undermines what actually goes on and what is achieved. If you want other people to take your creative achievements seriously you must take the process seriously, and allocate an area in which to work.
I got my coffee, fed the dogs and the next thing I knew it was noon. So much for the resolution.. but it's a habit that I'm just trying to form. What happened to the morning? I do not know. Wish I CCTV in my house so I could find out.

Anyway, noon came and brought with it the sun. Briefly. So of course I took advantage to get the dogs out for a walk. And today IS a gym visit. So with the dogs exercised, I headed out to get myself seriously sweaty.

Gabrielle blogged a lot last year (when she simply blogged a lot) about great rowing machine. Now the one at the gym isn't her super-duper model... but that doesn't stop me from using it three times a week. I swear it really is a super machine. If you're stuck and not as firm as you'd wish, or not plateaued at losing weight and you haven't sat down on one of these wonders, DO.

I did 15 minutes of work, then was getting bored. Not wanting to quit completely and too early ("the mind quits before the body does"... I channelled Guido's warning).. I stopped and did my stability exercises then got back on the rower for another 15 minutes. I was sweaty and exercised and feeling great.

Home to do some errands and start on the work room. It was barely a beginning. Tomorrow, before and following a doctor's appointment, I will do much more.

Inspired by Mrs. Mel, I tried to roast a lemony chicken. My lemons are quite large, so I wedged one and stuck several pieces in the cavity of the bird. Other thinner slices were slid under the skin to baste the meat while it cooked. Still, barely a hint of lemon. Yeah, I know that American's Test Kitchen has a great way to make lemon chicken. I must look that up.

Yeah, after I finish cleaning up that work room.

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