Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Crafting A Loss

Kati Kim, recently rescued from the Oregon wilderness, is the owner of Doe, a lower Haight "little department store"; in that role, she is one of the strongest supporters of the art+craft movement that has developed in the last several years. So she knows many of the great art+craft bloggers and they know her family.

During the drama of the last two weeks, crafters have been blogging about the family, noting their missing status, rejoicing with the Kati and her daughters being found, and mourning James's loss.

While the family was missing, Lisa Congdon summed up the helplessness:
we both know kati. we have pinched sabine's fat cheeks. we both expected to chat with kati this week. we are having a hard time focusing.

all i can do is hope and pray and go about my life as usual.

laundry. sweeping. washing the dishes.

:: :: ::

be well, friends. be safe.
After Kati and her daughters were found, Alicia from Posie Gets Cosy wrote:
The world seems small when people from all around it are connected by their collective hope, but so enormously big when one is still lost. We continue to hope and pray for James's safe return.
Today everyone is in shock. Adorneya's post is typical of the day:
My heart breaks for the whole family, but mostly for Kati. She and James worked so hard and did everything right to protect their children. They deserved a happy ending.
Steph of Little Birds Handmade (and sister to Lisa) eloquently wrote:


I am incredibly sad that James did not survive. May his family and friends find some peace. May all of us find some peace.

{I know that many of you would like to do something to help the Kim family. My sister, mom and I are trying to organize some sort of art/craft fundraiser. We will keep you updated.}

Gerrie has promised to let me know as soon they have firmed up the plans for this fundraiser. In the mean time, hold your family close and travel safely this holiday season.

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