Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday Cheers

It's cool, dampish, overcast and threatening to rain here. So this morning we ran a couple errands before choosing to hunker down for a couple days and let the weather blow by.

First stop was the Farmer's Market. I picked up some winter veggies (fresh picked Brussel sprouts! Yum), while the spouser got some nuts and oranges. Seemed like a bit of drive for as little time as we spent there. Don't know why, the spouser doesn't seem willing to look at a lot of the stuff and discuss what might be used in meals during the week. Oh well, if I get up to the Davis Farmer's Marker, I'll leave the spouser behind.

Second stop was the library. I've begun reading Building Harlequin's Moon, a novel about a spaceship way-laid on it's journey to build a new life on a new planet. In order to achieve their intended goal, they must terraform an unplanned planet: Harlequin's Moon.

I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for these terraforming novels. I am just getting into BHM, but I realized what I wanted before continuing was to resample Red Mars. If you haven't read it, it's a tasty, detailed novel about forming a new world; not simply the science and engineering involved in the physical building but also about the political and social decisions that effect the society's success. I don't need to read the whole thing again, though I may. But I have a hankering for the story of settling, the beginning of terraforming.

I didn't think I'd gotten rid of my set of the trilogy, but I can't find them around the house. Fortunately, the library has all three.. including a larger print version of Red Mars. Good. Less eye strain in these darker days.

If you like well written scifi about society building.. I highly recommend Kim Stanley Robinson's trilogy. Especially Red Mars (the first book). I'll let you know if the BHM stands up too.

This afternoon I stitched some more on the ArtShare stuff (photos... eventually).

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