Sunday, December 10, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

I haven't blogged since Thursday morning? Shame on me! However, Thursday brought me some good mail, and I've been a bit distracted.

In one fell swoop, the mailman delivered the new Quilting Arts and my new camera. Here's I'm checking out how the camera works. This was taken at dusk without a flash.

Along with the QA are the projects I'm working on for the ArtShare thing. More about those later.

Saturday my friend Clara accompanied me on my errand to drop my Pfaff off for a service. We hit two quilt shops (buying a little something-something in each) and ate bbq for lunch. Fun few hours were had by all. When I got home, I watched all three of the NetFlix movies I had one right after another. It was a biography kind of day: The Sketches of Frank Gehry; The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio; and Mrs. Henderson Presents. All were good inspiration and background stuff.

Today I'm cleaning and getting the house put back together before the spouser arrives home from Europe. Oh, and getting my NFL fill!! I switched over to the blogger.beta.. since they were hinting that we would all soon be switched over and they finally came to my spot in the list. Over the next week I'll be playing with making the blog a bit more "custom".. but I'm sad to see that they still haven't come up with a widget to put a photo in the header.

I know.. Brenda offered to fix one up for me (I do not have PhotoShop or know of a way to size a photo and add the title.), but other blog hosts have started the ability for it all be done in their widgets... which would let me change the header a lot more often. Like monthly or quarterly.
Maybe that's still coming in Blogger.. we shall see.

And why, tell me please, do websites no longer remember my login stuff so I need to log in every time I go there? It happened when I upgraded my Firefox.. so I'm thinking this is a problem from them.

And poo... this switch to blogger beta has eliminated the automatic addition of technorati tags to my posts. I'll be curious to see if the "labels" they use will translate into technorati tags, but I doubt it.
Check out my other blog: Deb's Daily Distractions where I'm participating in Holidailies!

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