Saturday, December 30, 2006

NOT Resolutions.

Deb and her fantastic hat
This photo was taken by Liz last February at Woolfcamp. Just found it again. Isn't that a fabulously funky hat?? Wait until I show you who was wearing it this week!


I am not making New Year's Resolutions, as those often seem to be unlikely goals at which we give ourselves permission to fail. Instead, this year I am making affirmations:


-get strong physically. It helps me feel healthy.

-control the "siren song" of the laptop and the tv. (I'll admit it, I'm
addicted, but more later)

-get out among people more (volunteer? work?) .

-continue working on my writing.

-learn photoshop.

-get back into the workroom.

In the couple months that I've been regularly going to the gym, I've noticed a lot fewer aches and pains, and generally a more positive mental outlook. OK.. there were a couple truly miserable weeks back there, but hopefully I'm over them.

But I just realized something else this week. When I walk in the door, the girl at the desk bounces up to take my card, smiles and greets me by name. She is genuinely happy to see me. My trainer smiles and greets me by name. He evens care the minor surgery I'll be having in a couple weeks.

I've missed this kind of interaction with other human beings. I am way too isolated in my life and need to find some way to increase this. I think the loneliness is a key in both my computer addiction and my depression. Ya'll are great.. the comments are nice. But, sorry, this just isn't enough. I can't look you all in the eyes.

And I just don't have a clue how to change things.

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