Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sewing/ArtShare Set Back

Holiday Colors, Naturally Made. Part of the Sidewalk Series.

There is a major set back in the sewing I need to do to complete my Artshare pieces. The timing/adjustments on my sewing machine are off. It needs a trip into the shop for it's cleaning and adjustment. Usually that takes about a week or two to come home.


But I cannot get a balanced stitch and loopy stitching ain't pretty or artistic (unless it's intended to be.) So patience shall be virtue for the month. I've gotten a few of these stitched to the point that I do some embroidery and beading on them... but not the detailed background stitching I had hoped to add.

I repeat. Darn.

This morning, it's off the gym, run to the bank, stop at Staples and then run out to the Sewing Machine shop. Home to walk the dogs and organize the non-machine dependant parts of the project to work on.

And with any luck, my new camera is delivered today!!

AAACK!! I awoke this morning with the national news using the words "Lake Effect Snow" for Cleveland. I moved here from that snowbelt... and these three words are ones I never want to hear agin.

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