Tuesday, May 01, 2007

High Tech Tools and Dangerous Doings...

Warning, Will Robinson!! Deb will be taking up (gasp) chemicals and tools to demonstrate her patented (well, in her mind!) bubble-wrap discharge technique.

Left Handed!
Just show how difficult it is! (I mean, how else am I going to take the pictures??)
First: The Supplies

A cotton Tshirt that you want to change or fabric you're not quite fond of. My shirts usually have food or grease stains on them and this let's me extend their wearability for a season. But maybe it's fabric I dyed and wasn't quite happy with.
Second: A plastic plate or meat-tray, some discharge paste, a foam brush and a firm brayer.
Third: Bubblewrap. This time I'm using the big stuff that wrapped the journal I just received.
The Actual Process:
Gloop some discharge paste into the plate, and pick some up with your foam brush.
Then casually brush the discharge paste over the rough side of the bubblewrap. Just do it quickly and don't be too concerned about coverage. This is afterall just creating texture on the work. It doesn't have to be perfect.
Then turn the bubblewrap over and place on the fabric. If it's smaller than the fabric, you'll just need to do it in sections. That's cool. It gives lots more texture.

Brayer the bubblewrap to make sure that contact is made between paste and the fabric. You can press hard and break the bubblewrap!! It's fun! Yes, you may scare dogs or cats! That just adds to the fun!
When the fiber/shirt is completely covered (or covered as much you wish) let it dry. I often hang these pieces outside on the line in the sun. They begin changing within minutes.. well worth hanging out and watching.

After the paste is dry, steam the entire piece with a hot iron. Be sure NOT to press the iron down especially over seams or you will get marks. Treat dry ironed fabric with any of the bleach stop chemical soaks (anti-chlor, Ph+ or the stuff from Dharma). Then wash, dry and wear.

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