Monday, April 30, 2007

I Must Have Been Very Good...

In April, Create A Connection had a Journal Swap. The rules of which I apparently didn't read correctly??

For this month's swap, I'd like you to choose a journal that you’d like to share with someone. Send a journal, along with a note offering creative well wishes or a quote that inspires you. Blog about it on your site linking it back to Create a Connection.
I thought we were supposed to blog about the journal we received, not the journal we sent. (Am I wrong??) I hope I'm wrong. I sent my journal off without taking photos!! Hopefully Judy doesn't let ya'll down.

Anyway, my receive from partner was Sweet Memories. When she contacted me, I mentioned that I might use it for sketching or as the memory book for the cruise I'm taking in June. (Six weeks!! I have lots of work to do!!) and she promised me something special for the occasion.

This weekend I received her wonderful journal. And, what can I say? Somewhere in my past, I must have been very good. First. That beautiful box at the top of this post is part of the package!! She decorated it with stamps!! That decided it, this will be the memory book from this cruise. Open the box and what's inside? A wonderful suedey book with handles!! Full of lots of wonderful pages for all my mementoes from the trip. It looks like a small suitcase, doesn't it?
And the inside is decorated too!

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