Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Knitter's Invitation: More on Constructive Comments and Community

Spring Lilacs In Bloom

Tuesday afternoon I received an email from Cara that scared me! She was proposing that today she would open her blog for all negative comments about her and her blog for one 24 hour period. Put all the ugly in one place so we could examine it.

I was not the only person who wrote her back to say: ARE YOU F**KING NUTS??

Carefully rethinking her original idea, Cara formed it into a much more clearly expressed essay that she posted today instead. It's ends:

I would like to see a wonderful discussion in the comments Dig deep and tell me why you think you were mean that time. Were you threatened by something? Jealous of something? (I would think that my petty outbursts are the direct response of envy. I want whatever it is that someone else has – as hard as it is to admit it.) What do you think about a code of conduct? Do we really need rules? Isn’t the Golden One good enough? What do you think would have happened if I HAD openend up the blog to all the negativity I could handle for 24 hours?

Go read it now. And leave Cara a comment on what she wrote.Then come back here, and let's extend the discussion of society's rules as they extend to blogs and internet communities. What ever did happen to the Golden Rule?

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