Friday, April 20, 2007

Inspiration By Spotlighting An Artist

While at AQC, one class member mentioned that she would like to know about sources of inspiration to continue your art work. Many members mentioned art quilt sources (including the Journal project), but I suggested taking a different tack: Look at ART and Artist's websites; don't limit yourself to quilt art.

One artist I specifically mentioned is Keri Smith, so I found myself drawn to her blog while I was moving back into my everyday life. Have you visited it lately?

Just this week, Keri wrote in Why Art Sucks:
It is my belief that it is actually the experience of life that inspires the work which is the art. All to often I think people focus too much on the medium, which in my opinion is kind of irrelevant. Not kind of, completely. The real question to me is, "what inspired someone to express themselves?" What is the idea? The artist needs to ask the question, "What moves me?" not "should i use red or blue?"
Check out her 100 ideas (a work in progress) for inspiration when you get stuck or frustrated or need to kick start your creative juices.

And among the items highlighted in her archives are: Ten Ways to Infuse Your Work with Your Personality. I need to read this one several times!

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