Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Booker Tuesday: What The Dead Know

I have never read Laura Lippman before receiving a copy of WHAT THE DEAD KNOW. The inside cover page mentions nine other books authored by her. My summertime reading list has just grown!

What The Dead Know is a mystery. Like any mystery, there is a crime unsolved, a solution offered, and points conflicted.

On a spring day in 1975, two young girls disappeared from a shopping mall. From that moment forward it was as if they did not exist: no bodies founds, no rumors grow, no ransom demands. Silence. Those girls vanished into thin air. (Regularly readers will recognize this as a theme/fear of mine.)

Thirty years later, after an accident on a snowy road, the police stop a driver who offers to give them the scoop on these girls. Eventually, she claims to be one of them.

After 30 years, how does one go about proving you are who you say you were? Or you were who you say you are? Landscapes change leaving little in the way of roadmarks. People die or move away. Children grow up and change. Changes become dead ends. Forgotten moments turn into key points.

This book is a trip through time and trust with enough tricks and turns to keep your interest. Lippman's writing style is comfortable not so easy that she lets you relax. She wants smart, attentive readers fully present in this process.

Just when I was certain I could relax, knowing exactly how the book was going to end, she added that perfect shift in thinking that made everything clear. I enjoyed this book so much!! And highly recommend it to any of you who enjoy a thoughtfully crafted mystery.

This book was sent to me from a representative of HarperCollins and is part of the BlogHer Virtual Book Tour. No payment was received in exchange for this review. The suggested retail price of this book is less than US$ 45, and therefore, in accordance with BlogHer Editorial Guidelines, it will be passed on to another blogger or donated to my local library.

If you would like this book, leave a comment on this post and I will randomly choose the recipient. If nobody comments, the book will be donated to Hercules Library.

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