Monday, April 09, 2007


I was not feeling well on Saturday, so I moved in about half-speed (except to the bathroom.. enough info). However we had 3 bananas that were not going to last through the night, so I finally bucked up and got to baking that banana nut bread.

Yep. I need a full 2x6' island to cook this on. If it were larger, I'd use that too!! You can see the black loaf pan, greased on bottom, measuring implements, flour, recipe book turned sideways to be read from both sides of the island, bowl with wet ingredients, eggs, masher, compostable waste and soy milk.

In the background are a couple messes. I don't feel too badly about them after reading Sassymonkey's article on the book A Perfect Mess. When I get organized enough to get it from the library, I'll report upon it's real value.. but I know it gets us visual learners off the hook a bit.

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