Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Home again..

I would say that Rayna was such a slave-driver that I could not find a moment to blog my week at Art Quilt Claremont except both Rayna and Gerrie managed to blog to prove me wrong!

The truth then: my computer is acting up (very slow and shutting down without a moment's warning) so it would take 5 or more minutes to simply get to the point where I could begin to post and the only place that I could work was in the cramped business center. So I chose to spend my time doing things that I paid to do there and left the blogging alone. Gerrie and Rayna did a fine job covering the details.. I would have just been redundant.

Today I am doing hills of laundry, grocery shopping, hitting the gym, and carrying my boxes and bags in from the trip. Later I'll be cleaning out parts of my workroom before I bring the stuff from the workshop into the room.

I loved the time I spent there, but it was time for me to leave. I need a little bit of quiet to process what I learned, and how I respond to it. Good bye to those who were sleeping when I pulled away (I think I left the hotel about 8 am). We will keep in touch.

I made several connections that I think will be valuable to me; I reconnected with some old acquaintances. Now I need a day or two to find how I have changed from the experience.

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