Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesday Wrap UP

Late Monday night, I removed the old, unsatisfactory facing. First thing this morning, I pressed the piece back flat, remeasured and marked. No wonder it wasn't flat; one edge was off by 1/2"!! New facing... turned, basted and hand stitched down in a couple hours. And the piece looks much better.

Trip down to the Farmer's Market and Trader Joe's between rainstorms. Some fresh veggies and other goodies and I'm home.

Now what? Every time I go to take the dogs for a walk, it starts to rain again. Scratch that for a while.

There is a piece on the wall that I began on New Year's Day. I need to finish fusing it down... and that part should be done before dinner. That would give me 2 pieces to machine quilt and 3 pieces in need of hand beading. That is enough for me to work for a while!!

I really want to finish these and clear the decks as I have an idea for another painted piece to start. (realistic this time.) If they have a Tactile Architecture exhibit at Houston this year, this would be an appropriate piece. Hmmm... nothing listed yet on the website. Will have to hold out to make sure I make it the right size.

Oh, and for those of you who aren't satisfied with only Self-portrait tuesday, Illustration Friday, Studio Friday, List Friday or Simple Still Life... I just found Inspire Me Thursday.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Spheres of Influence

I still need to work on the corners... they are driving me insane... and it still needs a label and sleeve.. but I'm calling Spheres of Influence done.

Actually, I'm probably going to redo the facing on the back... I sewed it on, mitered it on the front, then turned it to back. And I think there was something in doing that wonked the corners. It was perfectly square and flat before I did that.

So, OK.. it isn't done. but it's close.

This is being sent down to Anne Copeland the beginning of March to be part of the Changing Perspectives show.

So what is it? White sheeting, with the lines drawn, then resisted with soy wax. Painted with Creatix pigment in primary colors only. Each sphere, one color. The colors blended and the circles overlapped. Then stitched the entire thing again using primary colored threads that overlap and mix to make the colors.

This was a little bit of a surprise...

though not totally. I guess I hadn't realized how many factors B5 and Firefly had in common. I liked both shows (duh... they were scifi). But The Matrix??

You scored as Babylon 5 (Babylon 5). The universe is erupting into war and your government picks the wrong side. How much worse could things get? It doesn�t matter, because no matter what you have your friends and you�ll do the right thing. In the end that will be all that matters. Now if only the Psi Cops would leave you alone.

Babylon 5 (Babylon 5)


Serenity (Firefly)


Deep Space Nine (Star Trek)


Nebuchadnezzar (The Matrix)


Enterprise D (Star Trek)


Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)


Moya (Farscape)


Galactica (Battlestar: Galactica)


SG-1 (Stargate)


Bebop (Cowboy Bebop)


Andromeda Ascendant (Andromeda)


FBI's X-Files Division (The X-Files)


Your Ultimate Sci-Fi Profile II: which sci-fi crew would you best fit in? (pics)
created with QuizFarm.com

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend Quiz

I was looking for a weekend quiz or meme (hey! It's a bit of a tradition!!). Decided to pass on DebR's senseless questions thing...

And then I found this from Liz Plummer.. Personally, I think I'm a bit more addicted than this indicates. I lost points for low email volume and no IM'ing. I can't believe I'm actually writing that I think I'm more than 39% addicted to the internet!!

I am 39% Internet Addict.
Slight Internet Addict.
I could go either way. Deep into the madness of nights filled with coding CGI-Scripts and online role playing games, or I could become a normal user. Good luck!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday Chores

I was thinking this morning that when I was a kid, Saturdays were consumed with chores: first stripping our beds, finding the clean sheets and remaking it; then cleaning our room; then doing our other assigned chores in the house. (Mine: dusting the living room and cleaning one bathroom). We started doing chores before we started attending school, and only stopped when we started to pay room and board.

At lunch (usually a potluck of everything left over in the fridge), my parents would announce if there was a family participation chore for the afternoon (like cleaning the windows, and switching out the storm windows/screens. Something occasional but important). If not, we usually free to do whatever we wanted.

Anyway, today I spent the morning very much doing the traditional chores thing. (except that dusting and bathroom thing). And wondered if families still have structure where the whole family is expected to help clean and maintain the house. Those of you with children can chime in.

I also made a big pot of Veggie Beef soup. Carol at The Elephant's Child and I must be channelling. Walked the dogs and started working on cleaning up the studio. Sounds like an old fashioned Saturday to me.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Who Knew??

Richard Roundtree (yes.. Shaft..) had and survived Breast Cancer! And spends a lot of time speaking about this and raising money for testing low income men and women.

Things I accomplished this Week.

Join me while I examine my many accomplishments hoping to find I haven't totally wasted this week reading blogs.

  1. Purchased (ahh the drug of our society: shopping) and put together (ooh, the remnants of my childhood: DIY) two pieces for a back hall shoe/keys/mail storage thingy. Made by California Closets; sold by Target. (gasp! she shops at a big box store! Yes, I do. But never WalMart. I do have standards!)
  2. Walked the dogs 4 of 5 days. Even photo documented it.
  3. Recovered from WoolfCamp.
  4. Moved a couple pieces of furniture (yes, it's related to #1).
  5. Fnished reading Take Bit Bites. GO READ THIS BOOK.
  6. Got 1/2 the laundry washed and dried on the line. Maybe the rest tomorrow.
  7. Finished 99% of the work on Spheres of Influence (it's final name). I am torturing myself with making the facing nice on the back, and trying to get good corners on the front. Both important steps.
  8. Mowed and fertilized the lawn.
  9. Fertilized the garden beds.
  10. Kept the humans, dogs and wild birds fed and watered.
  11. Finally got a 2 hour nap today.
  12. I think I fixed the template trouble? Feedback please. (It does not look pretty to me, but Gerrie can read it. Every compromise has it's cost).

Do I detect a distinct lack of balance in this list? Is it art-poor and house-rich? YES. Next week my major goal (showing you all Spheres) is to get more art in my life.

Walk update...

Who knew?? While the dogs and I enjoyed that beautiful walk and shared those photos, just below us a suspected car thief was trying to evade the police by swimming naked in the straits!!

(CBS 5)
CROCKETT A suspected car thief who eluded authorities for more than six hours today by hiding in the water in an area underneath the Al Zampa Memorial Bridge in Crockett has been pulled onto a rescue boat and is in custody, according to California Highway Patrol Officer Scott Yox.

The parents of the suspect, now identified as Gary Hatfield, Jr., 36, of Olivehurst, had been called to the area this afternoon to try to convince their son to come out, according to Yox.

Hatfield reportedly took refuge in the water after crashing an allegedly stolen vehicle in the area of Pomona Street and Carquinez Scenic Drive around 10 a.m.

Following the crash, in which the car caught fire, the suspect made his way to C&H Sugar Co. property, where he found and tried to launch a small boat, Yox said. When that did not work, he crawled down among pilings under the pier.
He then moved several hundred yards from the sugar company to some pilings that hold up a concrete barrier that prevents, for instance, an errant ship from crashing into the bridge's anchorage, Yox said.

Yox said there was a gap of a little more than 2 feet between the surface of the water and the base of the structure under which Hatfield was hiding. He said the pilings the man was holding onto are about 2 feet in diameter and have barnacles growing on them, making them easier to grip.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Pupmobile Tail. Feb, 2006

It was sunny, dry and not too cold, so I loaded the furkids into the pupmobile and struck out to the park along the southern edge of the Carquinez Straits. We park at the Bull Run staging area a few miles east of Crockett.

This is the start of our walk. We are through the cattle gates, so the dogs can be off leash.

Looking back, this farm is across the road. It's a favorite for the plein aire painters in the region.

Also looking back toward the water, we see the I-80 bridges over the straits.

Jake likes to walk with a toy.

This pattern in the water was so pretty! That's Vallejo in the background.

We trail turns (as seen in the first photo). Around the corner we continue to the eucalyptus grove ahead.

Once in the grove, it's shadowy and comfortable, but...

There are surprises in the the woods!!

They are so well camoflaged among the red bark of the trees!

At the half way point, we stop for some water.

Katy tried to charm something more from me.

The road and pastures just beyond the park...

Martinez and Benicia from the half way point.

I think a change is coming...

Since this weekend... maybe before... I have been thinking that I need to start another blog.

Now I understand that our ring mother, Diane, wrote requesting that we try to keep these blogs mainly art quilt related. (I never get these emails!! Diane, I know we've exchanged emails... but the list for the ring must have an old address). Can't say that has been mine. And I enjoy my nearly daily ramblings. She was writing this to me!!

So it could be that the personal daily stuff will be moving to a different blog... now what will I name that?? Stitches through Time.... PupMobile Tails (this is going to be my dogs' blog.)...or something completely different...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

One funny from Woolf Camp

One funny thing from Woolf Camp that all you will completely understand. I would be sitting or standing talking to one of the women there. They'd find out I'm "the crafter"..

And EVERY TIME the question I got then was:

Do you read the blog from that girl in San Francisco? You know.. Bird in the Hand? .. her mother blogs, too, and is a quilter up in Santa Rosa? And her sister in Portland who has taken a break?

If you don't know the references (and how could you not??) they all asked about Lisa Congdon, my friend Gerrie who is moving to Portland. boo-hoo!! and her Portland daughter Steph.

Those Congdon women are a famous, powerful clan.

Mundane Monday and Tuesday To Do

Monday I needed to get back normal: finish the laundry and catch up on a few chores, walk the dogs, and get into the studio. I am about 1 hour away from being done with the stitching on the quilt. Then block it, face it, label it and photograph it. Sounds like maybe a day away from done.

Ofcourse I discovered Friday that my iron somehow quit on me. It's been turning off while I've been using it lately; Friday turned off in the middle of a shirt (shhh... I sometimes iron shirts to relax). And never turned back on. So I need to pick up a new iron. This one will be the Black And Decker Classic.

I know what I want to do next, but I don't think I will be able to work on that one for a week or so. Well some prep work can be done. Sounds like time to put things away and clean surfaces in the sewing room. Also finish fusing the quilt I started on New's Years Day (don't think there's been a photo yet).

Monday, February 20, 2006

Home from Camp

I spent this weekend at a blogging workshop/camp. Twenty some people (mostly women... lots on BlogHer.. one soul who started blogging Saturday). We talked about tools; we talked about motivation.

We had planned to talk more about the skill of writing... but, heck, it was only 1.5 days!! Summer Woolf Camp, I'm sure, more writing exercises will happen.

While the writing is key to many of these bloggers, it made me want to organize a similar "camp" to concentrate on those of us dealing in arts and craft. It's a different kind of blogging. Visual and writing. Focused (well, the best are. Mine? Not so much). Hmmm... I could fit about 15-20 folks in this house. Maybe in the fall. Recognizing the difference and their huge growth recently, they are doing a session at BlogHer on crafts and food blogs.

It has been years since I've been surrounded by conversations not kept on the most superficial and banal level. I wanted to submerge myself in all the talk. I'd forgotten that conversation such as that can happen after one graduates from college. I loved it.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

It's Ten Thirty and I'm fried...

I've been up since 6 am., drove 1.5 hours south, met a lot of of people, talked a lot, blogged a lot, ate KILLER CURRY... (thai food is my favorite), drank some wine, and talked a more today than I've talked in weeks.

But my mind has reached it's full, my shoulders are aching like I've worked hard all day. so I'm about to crash. Probably right here at my table.

More to come tomorrow.

Quote of the moment:

"Any woman can "diva" a workshop session."

"What is the male equivalent?"


Saturday afternoon at Woolf Camp

I am sitting in the Santa Cruz mountains, inside Grace's home with a circle of about 22 people.. mostly women, a couple men, one baby and Malcolm the dog.

We are currently going around the room introducing ourselves, taking lots of pictures that will eventually be uploaded to Flickr and whatever. It's started to rain harder, the sound of the rain becoming louder than the click of our keyboards.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Did you watch it, Firely fans?

I don't watch The ghost whisperer... It looks like a silly program. However, I was flipping around the dials at about 8:50 tonight and saw that Sean Maher (the doctor) was the guest star. The little bit I heard, it sounded like he was acting a similar sensitive character.

It made me wish I could see him as something different. Like a bad guy or a creep.



Who knew??

There is a killer virus running around that totally screws up your intestines. But no high fever to let you know it's a virus. Acid reflux, gas and burping.. almost no appetite and an uncomfortable gut.

I should fine in another week.

addition: hopefully I learn to write every word I'm thinking when I get better...

I should BE fine in another week.

Friday Catch up

I have too been working on my little quilt all week! I just am not going to put up more photos until it's completed. (quilted, blocked, faced, labelled, sleeved). Some time next week.

I also have been sewing up a bunch of Little Treasures for this weekend's Woolf Camp experience. And every time I check my email another woman is bowing out!

Anyway, I head down there tomorrow morning. One of the participants is flying in from the East coast with tablet/laptop and a graphire tablet (for me to try!!). We will talk art and blogging. We will talk writing. We will knit and braid each other's hair. I am bringing pretty threads, beads and paints and we can finish our own Little Treasures while we chat.

There will be plenty of Fierce Blogging.

What is WoolfCamp?

We're planning on hanging out at Grace's (from State of Grace)house in Santa Cruz. Blogging, discussions, sleepover, potluck.

We will focus on self expression in blog writing, a departure from the usual camp themes of blog tools, tech advances, general geekdom. We respect and love our geeks, many of us are geeks, but WoolfCamp is primarily about writing - memoir, fiction, creative non-fiction, poetics. Geeks are certainly welcome and if a geek issue comes up, particularly tools that would be helpful, we'll likely pounce on the information.
Before I get to enjoy that female-intensive weekend, I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. It's a minor problem that will likely result in an MRI next week and some out patient surgery following. No big deal. No carrying anything heavy for a while. Well, keep fingers crossed that the doc agrees with my diagnosis. (he always asks me why I pay him if I know what's wrong. I always tell him that the State hasn't licensed me to treat myself. )

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Change is on the way...

Commence with SHOE ENVY

Wasabi green Keds.

Oh, if you must get your own pair... I got these at Shoe Pavilion ($29.95), but you can also find them at Zappos (though not as inexpensively). These are the Keds Micro Stretch Grace Mules..

Project Runway Run-Down

With the assignment of making a beautiful evening gown, why did everyone (but Santino) choose such boring plain colors? And such simple sillouttes? I now believe that NONE of these designers deserve to win!! They bore the snot right outta me. (Ok, maybe I understand why the producers kept Santino in. We'd have snoozed through the season). I had to wake up to blog this.

AND, why did Kara and Daniel V both pick on Chloe? Was it because she said she wasn't convinced that she wanted to be there? Why didn't they all say Santino? (unless they thought they could beat Santino!)

I figured that Kara would be the one out, but I sincerely hoped that would not happen. It was obvious Santino was going to make it to the Fashion Week, but I haven't any idea which of them will win in the end. At this point, I'm almost willing to say that Santino may win the whole thing. He's over the top, but atleast he has a personal vision.

Next week is the "whole gang back together again" episode, plus Project Jay.. and in 2 weeks we get to see the final shows!! I'll drink a couple espressoes at dinner to insure I stay awake.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Go Read Jill Writes

Go read Jill Writes!!

Check out her post on obsessions and blogging, where she ends with a valentine for all bloggers:

Foreverly. Thank you to all those with whom I correspond daily, or howeverly;
To those who comment;
And those who don't;
To the lurkers and occasional happen-upons;
Anyone who's read a word I put to paper or screen;
To readers readers everywhere.

You read my words. Wow.


I love you fiercely. And without regret.

Then read the conversation she overheard in a sushi bar.

This is how my new template looks on my computer using EITHER Netscape or FireFox on my computer.

This is how the same page looks in MSIE. It ain't pretty, but I can still read everything on the page. Sorry guys, remember I am not a techie geek. So I don't know how to fix this so it looks OK your your screens. I've found a few more templates where there actually seems to be someone who can help you out, so I may just spend some time looking for another one next week. But telling me how it looks different on your computer doesn't help, since I cannot recreate your conditions, nor figure out how to fix it. (that would require me to know a lot more about programming than I do).

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

And Today

And today's sunset. It's windy, getting cooler and a bit misty? tonight.

About the New Template

First.. the template doesn't look right if you're using MSIE. But, guess what? MSIE is a crappy browser and I don't know how to fix to look good in MSIE and not look crappy in Firefox. So at the moment, if you insist upon using a less-than-ideal browser, you are not going to get a pretty picture. Well, until I find some time to fiddle.

Second, DebR.. and anyone else who wants to try this. I found the basic 3 column template at Blogskins, which has a whole bunch of templates and skins. This is is DB's Three Column Skin.

Saved my old template to NotePad, downloaded the new template to NotePad (do not under any circumstance use MS Word.. it adds lots of odd characters). Erased the template, pasted in the new one, and then pasted in the items from my old sidebars.

The hardest part was getting the comments from Haloscan to work again.

The whole thing took me maybe 2 hours to get something up and running.. and I'll probably be tweaking it for a while. Heck, when I started blogging, I spent hours playing with things on this blog.

I've already gone to the Blogskins forum and asked for help with the Stupid MSIE thing.

What is Success??

Keri at Wish Jar Journal wrote last week about an article by Pam Houston on "redefining success", and how Keri herself has had to come up with ways to describe success.

In reading the article I found many of my own feelings echoed in Pam’s words. What is shifting is that success is moving away from being defined by ‘things’ or ‘achievements’, and moving more in the direction of really experiencing ‘moments’. Pam writes, “creating a successful life might be as simple as determining which moments are the most valuable, and seeing how many of those I can string together in a line.” So when I look back on my life what will I feel most proud of?

Monday, February 13, 2006

It Ain't perfect... But.

I finally got a 3 column template installed. It's not pretty, and I need to fine tune some things, but I've got my sidebars working!!

I'll work over time to add some color or something.. but what do you think, so far?

update: I've fixed my comments, and added just a little color. When I've got a little time, I'll fancy up the font in the header... and probably find all kinds of little things to tweek.

The main thing I wanted, however, was to keep the fun things in my right hand sidebar, and still be able to publish my rather large blogroll. And this is just the PUBLIC part. Feel free to "feed" me more blogs that I'm missing.. I need to go through the Arftul Blog ring again and check these out. 125?? There are 125 blogs on the blogring??

Why I don't take pictures of sunrises. By the time the sun comes over this hill, it's been light for 3 hours!!

Meanwhile, over the bay, the moon is setting.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Project Runway Forecasts

Last week was the Project Runway Fashion Week Runway shows. All four of the final designers had to participate in this show, so nobody would know who was out just before the end. (They did the same thing with Austin Scarlett last year... who knew?). And the photos are up.

It's hard to tell who is out this week based upon these photos. I'm not overwhelmed with these collections.. these people had what? 4 months to come up with these collections? Where are all the wonderful, personal details? There is a cohesive theme or flow to the collection?

Maybe this year's designers just didn't have the "chops" of last year's group.

I also found out in reading some this week that Jay turned down both the cash for starting his own line and the internship with BR. He's taking his time in working up a line and will have his show next year. All of the first year designers who have come out with shows so far have been panned.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


I've got blogs and groups and email to catch up on. And we've got stuff to read and things to talk about here.

Anyway, all I really want to say right now is RUN to wherever you get your books from (online, bookstore or library) and pick up TAKE BIG BITES by Linda Ellerbee.

I keep thinking I want to quote something in it. But I really want to quote is the the entire book!

It is that good a read.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

PR Run Down..

First, Kara.. Why didn't you say something???

That jumpsuit was horrible. And if Santino isn't in the final three, this would have cemented his way out the door. I was completely uninspired by all the designs this week.

Secondly, I'm sorry to see Nick go. I thought he had a chance to make it to the final three. So will it be Kara, Chloe and Dan V? But he DID design a dress for last week's SAG awards.

Now, we knew a PR quiz was coming... didn't we?

You are Chloe:
You're a control freak and a fan of sticking to
what works, but that can be a bit boring.

You enjoy clean lines so you may be a bit of
a neat freak but people love your classic
sense of style.

Which Project Runway 2 Designer Are You?

Now I am gone for a couple days... so don't look for any blogging from me until late this weekend.

Word Clouds

DebR at Red Shoe Ramblings posted the word cloud for her blog (at the moment. ) produced by SnapShirts. Had to go and do the same thing. Now I'll admit that I changed a couple words (and no! I'm not telling), but more than simply just looking at it.. I was intrigued by the words used most commonly (and, therefore bigger). They read like a poem:

blog dogs down
fabric good
house like me
one people
think time

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm making it official!!

Get your position here

From Pammy Beancounter

Healthy hearts (or not).

Tommy told us today about the mishap that ended up with her getting a bone scan and learning about osteoporosis. She recommended that we all get bone scans.

And, since this blog is all about me.. and this month is all about Women's Heart Health, I thought I'd tell you how I started on cholesterol meds.

I was a healthy 35 year old woman. I started with a new family practitioner who decided to do a number of "baseline" test including an EKG and full blood panel. Because every member of my family in the US (at that point) had died of heart disease, a full lipid panel was part of the deal.

Normal levels for a woman that age would be a cholesterol reading <200>35. My test showed: total cholesterol of 262, but HDL of 18. They suggested oatmeal, psyllium and exercise to lower the count and raise the HDL number. An hour of aerobic exercise a day raised that number to 19. I was at a 3 times plus risk of heart disease.!!!

They put on me meds. In six weeks, my total cholesterol dropped 180 and my HDL went up to 70!! I am currently on the lowest possible dosage of Lipitor (10 mgs.) and my numbers are still great.

I went from 3x+ risk of heart disease to 1/2 risk that simply.

If I had not had the tests, I probably would have had atleast one heart attack by now, an angioplasty or bi-pass or be dead.

If you haven't had a blood test with a lipid profile in the last year, please schedule one soon.

I like you guys and want you round to enjoy for a long time.

And speaking of liking things... I love this post about Coretta King and Wendy Wasserstein.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Yes, if you time check this post, it's written at 4:30 am.

I went to bed at midnight.

The skunk sprayed Jake at 4 am., and ofcourse a man cannot cope with a skunked dog alone.

He has to wander through the house wearing clothes that are probably skunked, wake up his wife and let her deal with it.

Jake has been treated and is in the garage drying. Hope this recipe as well for me as did for the guys on MythBusters guys:

1 bottle hydrogen pyroxide
1/4 C of baking soda
6 oz. of water
1 tsp of shampoo

The entire house still stinks, so I'm wondering if the man has tracked this through the house, or if it's residual dog.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Not Quite Done

Not quite done... but you can get the idea of what's happening here. I think there will be about 2 miles of thread on this piece, an dit's all of 18"x26. I've got to finish stitching 2 partial arcs, the two structures at the sides, and the horizontal bands. About 2 more days work. Then press it, face it, label and photo.

Here's a close up of the most color stitched piece. We've got yellow/blue and red threads stitched over the center.. with yellow/blue and red pigment painted underneath. Gee, it should make a brown.. and it does!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Crazy Aunt Purl's Horror-Scopes

OK, So Auntie Purl, a sister in the house of Crab, has so completely nailed me!! Except that most of the trivia I know ain't so useful! (Proof: Did you know that Shirley Temple's hairstyle had exactly 52 curls.. and her mother was the only one who could do it? See... HOW IS THAT GOING TO HELP ME?? It isn't even a question in Trivial Pursuit!!)

I will admit that I seek acknowledgement... heck that's why I blog. (ya'll CAN leave comments, can't you??) But it's nice to know my sense that this a building period for stuff happening later this year is in the stars.

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)
Lots of people talk all kinds of smack about Cancers, like how we're so sensitive, and moody and such little homebodies. But they never talk about the COOL things we are: we're very open to new ideas, we love to get introspective and work on improving ourselves, and we'll get our crazy on in the self-help aisle, ya'll know what I mean. We're creative and funny and know lots of useful trivia. Ok, maybe that last part was just me. So even if Valentine's Day has got you down, I don't want you to buy into the bad press. The skies are real funky for Cancer in February, but it's funky-good -- especially the full moon on the 13th and the New Moon on the 28th. Venus has been screwing with us since December, and we've all been asking, "Where is the love?" Our need to be acknowledged is second only to our need for melancholy, so this is a perplexing state for a Cancer. But everything we're doing now is laying the groundwork for the social upswing and happy summer ahead of us. Jupiter is hanging out in the Love house until the end of November, ya'll, so I might actually go on a date this year. And if I can do it, SO CAN YOU.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Runway Run-down.

First a query... Last season, was there the same time limit imposed on the contestants? that is, did they have to leave the work room at midnight? Maybe that's why this year's work seems so uninspired? Much less time?

Secondly... designing an outfit from the flower shop?? Way too much green.

Daniel's... nice Loved the woven bodice. Would have been nicer if the model's bra didn't show on top.

Nick's... not wonderful.

Chloe's... pretty from a distance... quite wearable. The purple flower made it.

Santino.. Loved the skirt with it's puffiness.

Andrea's... looked like a lawn. I'd hate to wear that dress. He deserved to be out, and I liked him.

Kara's with the baskety kind of bodice was fabulous.

This is where the rubber hits the road. They've made it fairly clear that Nick and Santino are in trouble and Kara hasn't come close to winning yet.

Funny, some of my friends were talking about the show. They cannot remember everyone's name, so they call them: the quiet gay guy; the mustached gay guy, the bald gay guy and Santino.

I'm working furiously on my piece for Changing Perspectives. A 18x26 piece (I think), will end up with about 2 miles of thread. Pictures by the end of the week.

Benicia Gantner

There is something about Benicia Gantner's work that makes me want to put my nose right up against the screen and look really closely at it.