Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday Chores

I was thinking this morning that when I was a kid, Saturdays were consumed with chores: first stripping our beds, finding the clean sheets and remaking it; then cleaning our room; then doing our other assigned chores in the house. (Mine: dusting the living room and cleaning one bathroom). We started doing chores before we started attending school, and only stopped when we started to pay room and board.

At lunch (usually a potluck of everything left over in the fridge), my parents would announce if there was a family participation chore for the afternoon (like cleaning the windows, and switching out the storm windows/screens. Something occasional but important). If not, we usually free to do whatever we wanted.

Anyway, today I spent the morning very much doing the traditional chores thing. (except that dusting and bathroom thing). And wondered if families still have structure where the whole family is expected to help clean and maintain the house. Those of you with children can chime in.

I also made a big pot of Veggie Beef soup. Carol at The Elephant's Child and I must be channelling. Walked the dogs and started working on cleaning up the studio. Sounds like an old fashioned Saturday to me.

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