Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Healthy hearts (or not).

Tommy told us today about the mishap that ended up with her getting a bone scan and learning about osteoporosis. She recommended that we all get bone scans.

And, since this blog is all about me.. and this month is all about Women's Heart Health, I thought I'd tell you how I started on cholesterol meds.

I was a healthy 35 year old woman. I started with a new family practitioner who decided to do a number of "baseline" test including an EKG and full blood panel. Because every member of my family in the US (at that point) had died of heart disease, a full lipid panel was part of the deal.

Normal levels for a woman that age would be a cholesterol reading <200>35. My test showed: total cholesterol of 262, but HDL of 18. They suggested oatmeal, psyllium and exercise to lower the count and raise the HDL number. An hour of aerobic exercise a day raised that number to 19. I was at a 3 times plus risk of heart disease.!!!

They put on me meds. In six weeks, my total cholesterol dropped 180 and my HDL went up to 70!! I am currently on the lowest possible dosage of Lipitor (10 mgs.) and my numbers are still great.

I went from 3x+ risk of heart disease to 1/2 risk that simply.

If I had not had the tests, I probably would have had atleast one heart attack by now, an angioplasty or bi-pass or be dead.

If you haven't had a blood test with a lipid profile in the last year, please schedule one soon.

I like you guys and want you round to enjoy for a long time.

And speaking of liking things... I love this post about Coretta King and Wendy Wasserstein.

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