Monday, February 20, 2006

Home from Camp

I spent this weekend at a blogging workshop/camp. Twenty some people (mostly women... lots on BlogHer.. one soul who started blogging Saturday). We talked about tools; we talked about motivation.

We had planned to talk more about the skill of writing... but, heck, it was only 1.5 days!! Summer Woolf Camp, I'm sure, more writing exercises will happen.

While the writing is key to many of these bloggers, it made me want to organize a similar "camp" to concentrate on those of us dealing in arts and craft. It's a different kind of blogging. Visual and writing. Focused (well, the best are. Mine? Not so much). Hmmm... I could fit about 15-20 folks in this house. Maybe in the fall. Recognizing the difference and their huge growth recently, they are doing a session at BlogHer on crafts and food blogs.

It has been years since I've been surrounded by conversations not kept on the most superficial and banal level. I wanted to submerge myself in all the talk. I'd forgotten that conversation such as that can happen after one graduates from college. I loved it.

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