Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Runway Run-down.

First a query... Last season, was there the same time limit imposed on the contestants? that is, did they have to leave the work room at midnight? Maybe that's why this year's work seems so uninspired? Much less time?

Secondly... designing an outfit from the flower shop?? Way too much green.

Daniel's... nice Loved the woven bodice. Would have been nicer if the model's bra didn't show on top.

Nick's... not wonderful.

Chloe's... pretty from a distance... quite wearable. The purple flower made it.

Santino.. Loved the skirt with it's puffiness.

Andrea's... looked like a lawn. I'd hate to wear that dress. He deserved to be out, and I liked him.

Kara's with the baskety kind of bodice was fabulous.

This is where the rubber hits the road. They've made it fairly clear that Nick and Santino are in trouble and Kara hasn't come close to winning yet.

Funny, some of my friends were talking about the show. They cannot remember everyone's name, so they call them: the quiet gay guy; the mustached gay guy, the bald gay guy and Santino.

I'm working furiously on my piece for Changing Perspectives. A 18x26 piece (I think), will end up with about 2 miles of thread. Pictures by the end of the week.

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