Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mundane Monday and Tuesday To Do

Monday I needed to get back normal: finish the laundry and catch up on a few chores, walk the dogs, and get into the studio. I am about 1 hour away from being done with the stitching on the quilt. Then block it, face it, label it and photograph it. Sounds like maybe a day away from done.

Ofcourse I discovered Friday that my iron somehow quit on me. It's been turning off while I've been using it lately; Friday turned off in the middle of a shirt (shhh... I sometimes iron shirts to relax). And never turned back on. So I need to pick up a new iron. This one will be the Black And Decker Classic.

I know what I want to do next, but I don't think I will be able to work on that one for a week or so. Well some prep work can be done. Sounds like time to put things away and clean surfaces in the sewing room. Also finish fusing the quilt I started on New's Years Day (don't think there's been a photo yet).

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