Tuesday, February 14, 2006

About the New Template

First.. the template doesn't look right if you're using MSIE. But, guess what? MSIE is a crappy browser and I don't know how to fix to look good in MSIE and not look crappy in Firefox. So at the moment, if you insist upon using a less-than-ideal browser, you are not going to get a pretty picture. Well, until I find some time to fiddle.

Second, DebR.. and anyone else who wants to try this. I found the basic 3 column template at Blogskins, which has a whole bunch of templates and skins. This is is DB's Three Column Skin.

Saved my old template to NotePad, downloaded the new template to NotePad (do not under any circumstance use MS Word.. it adds lots of odd characters). Erased the template, pasted in the new one, and then pasted in the items from my old sidebars.

The hardest part was getting the comments from Haloscan to work again.

The whole thing took me maybe 2 hours to get something up and running.. and I'll probably be tweaking it for a while. Heck, when I started blogging, I spent hours playing with things on this blog.

I've already gone to the Blogskins forum and asked for help with the Stupid MSIE thing.

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