Friday, February 24, 2006

Things I accomplished this Week.

Join me while I examine my many accomplishments hoping to find I haven't totally wasted this week reading blogs.

  1. Purchased (ahh the drug of our society: shopping) and put together (ooh, the remnants of my childhood: DIY) two pieces for a back hall shoe/keys/mail storage thingy. Made by California Closets; sold by Target. (gasp! she shops at a big box store! Yes, I do. But never WalMart. I do have standards!)
  2. Walked the dogs 4 of 5 days. Even photo documented it.
  3. Recovered from WoolfCamp.
  4. Moved a couple pieces of furniture (yes, it's related to #1).
  5. Fnished reading Take Bit Bites. GO READ THIS BOOK.
  6. Got 1/2 the laundry washed and dried on the line. Maybe the rest tomorrow.
  7. Finished 99% of the work on Spheres of Influence (it's final name). I am torturing myself with making the facing nice on the back, and trying to get good corners on the front. Both important steps.
  8. Mowed and fertilized the lawn.
  9. Fertilized the garden beds.
  10. Kept the humans, dogs and wild birds fed and watered.
  11. Finally got a 2 hour nap today.
  12. I think I fixed the template trouble? Feedback please. (It does not look pretty to me, but Gerrie can read it. Every compromise has it's cost).

Do I detect a distinct lack of balance in this list? Is it art-poor and house-rich? YES. Next week my major goal (showing you all Spheres) is to get more art in my life.

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