Sunday, February 12, 2006

Project Runway Forecasts

Last week was the Project Runway Fashion Week Runway shows. All four of the final designers had to participate in this show, so nobody would know who was out just before the end. (They did the same thing with Austin Scarlett last year... who knew?). And the photos are up.

It's hard to tell who is out this week based upon these photos. I'm not overwhelmed with these collections.. these people had what? 4 months to come up with these collections? Where are all the wonderful, personal details? There is a cohesive theme or flow to the collection?

Maybe this year's designers just didn't have the "chops" of last year's group.

I also found out in reading some this week that Jay turned down both the cash for starting his own line and the internship with BR. He's taking his time in working up a line and will have his show next year. All of the first year designers who have come out with shows so far have been panned.

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