Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Pupmobile Tail. Feb, 2006

It was sunny, dry and not too cold, so I loaded the furkids into the pupmobile and struck out to the park along the southern edge of the Carquinez Straits. We park at the Bull Run staging area a few miles east of Crockett.

This is the start of our walk. We are through the cattle gates, so the dogs can be off leash.

Looking back, this farm is across the road. It's a favorite for the plein aire painters in the region.

Also looking back toward the water, we see the I-80 bridges over the straits.

Jake likes to walk with a toy.

This pattern in the water was so pretty! That's Vallejo in the background.

We trail turns (as seen in the first photo). Around the corner we continue to the eucalyptus grove ahead.

Once in the grove, it's shadowy and comfortable, but...

There are surprises in the the woods!!

They are so well camoflaged among the red bark of the trees!

At the half way point, we stop for some water.

Katy tried to charm something more from me.

The road and pastures just beyond the park...

Martinez and Benicia from the half way point.

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