Thursday, February 16, 2006

Project Runway Run-Down

With the assignment of making a beautiful evening gown, why did everyone (but Santino) choose such boring plain colors? And such simple sillouttes? I now believe that NONE of these designers deserve to win!! They bore the snot right outta me. (Ok, maybe I understand why the producers kept Santino in. We'd have snoozed through the season). I had to wake up to blog this.

AND, why did Kara and Daniel V both pick on Chloe? Was it because she said she wasn't convinced that she wanted to be there? Why didn't they all say Santino? (unless they thought they could beat Santino!)

I figured that Kara would be the one out, but I sincerely hoped that would not happen. It was obvious Santino was going to make it to the Fashion Week, but I haven't any idea which of them will win in the end. At this point, I'm almost willing to say that Santino may win the whole thing. He's over the top, but atleast he has a personal vision.

Next week is the "whole gang back together again" episode, plus Project Jay.. and in 2 weeks we get to see the final shows!! I'll drink a couple espressoes at dinner to insure I stay awake.

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