Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Catch up

I have too been working on my little quilt all week! I just am not going to put up more photos until it's completed. (quilted, blocked, faced, labelled, sleeved). Some time next week.

I also have been sewing up a bunch of Little Treasures for this weekend's Woolf Camp experience. And every time I check my email another woman is bowing out!

Anyway, I head down there tomorrow morning. One of the participants is flying in from the East coast with tablet/laptop and a graphire tablet (for me to try!!). We will talk art and blogging. We will talk writing. We will knit and braid each other's hair. I am bringing pretty threads, beads and paints and we can finish our own Little Treasures while we chat.

There will be plenty of Fierce Blogging.

What is WoolfCamp?

We're planning on hanging out at Grace's (from State of Grace)house in Santa Cruz. Blogging, discussions, sleepover, potluck.

We will focus on self expression in blog writing, a departure from the usual camp themes of blog tools, tech advances, general geekdom. We respect and love our geeks, many of us are geeks, but WoolfCamp is primarily about writing - memoir, fiction, creative non-fiction, poetics. Geeks are certainly welcome and if a geek issue comes up, particularly tools that would be helpful, we'll likely pounce on the information.
Before I get to enjoy that female-intensive weekend, I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. It's a minor problem that will likely result in an MRI next week and some out patient surgery following. No big deal. No carrying anything heavy for a while. Well, keep fingers crossed that the doc agrees with my diagnosis. (he always asks me why I pay him if I know what's wrong. I always tell him that the State hasn't licensed me to treat myself. )

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