Monday, February 13, 2006

It Ain't perfect... But.

I finally got a 3 column template installed. It's not pretty, and I need to fine tune some things, but I've got my sidebars working!!

I'll work over time to add some color or something.. but what do you think, so far?

update: I've fixed my comments, and added just a little color. When I've got a little time, I'll fancy up the font in the header... and probably find all kinds of little things to tweek.

The main thing I wanted, however, was to keep the fun things in my right hand sidebar, and still be able to publish my rather large blogroll. And this is just the PUBLIC part. Feel free to "feed" me more blogs that I'm missing.. I need to go through the Arftul Blog ring again and check these out. 125?? There are 125 blogs on the blogring??

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